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Woe unto the pastors, for the church is dead!

Posted by appolus on May 4, 2008

Now that we are relatively few in the world, he is coming after us. Most of us have been captured and imprisoned. Many of us have already been killed. The world was plunged into chaos and the genuine Christians were blamed for most of the evils. We would not compromise. We refused to drop the name “Jesus,” from our prayers



Obviously the church is not dead, for the gates of hell can never prevail against the Body of Christ. So, what church is this man talking about? Below you will read a piece from a man from the future. The near future? Who knows. He is writing from the midst of the tribulation and he is writing to us…………..

Today, the Church in America is dead. I am an old man and I can barely remember the times when I went to church and felt the presence of God. Oh, it was so majestic and reverential. I could barely lift my head in the almighty presence of God and He changed people by His presence and people were drawn to Him.

Now, that is only a faint memory.The Spirit of God was withdrawn long ago. The Lamp was put out. Even churches that were alive, are now all dead. There are only a few Christians left, just a remnant. The Spirit of the Lord was quenched and the people were without leaders. Whose fault was it? Well, it was everyone’s fault ultimately.

The leaders and the Pastors, the shepherds allowed the sheep to wander all over the hills. When the Master comes and asks where are my flocks what will the shepherds say? Will the shepherds blame the sheep?

Denominationalism died a long time ago. Along came Pentecostal churches and churches that believed in the power of the Holy Spirit. He was welcomed into these congregations at first. There was life in the churches. The enemy looked around and saw where the greatest danger lay. He saw that life and he saw that this life generated other life, it perpetuated itself. Where death and darkness had been, life and light replaced it.

And so, with great skill and determination, the enemy of the Church began to plan its downfall and he would use weapons that have proven to be successful over and over again.

Pride and ego were the first employed .These are ancient weapons to destroy men. He deceived these Pastors into believing that they were special. Let the shepherds believe that they had a special anointing that put them above the sheep. A new form of gnosticism began to spread throughout Pentecostalism and evangelical leaders. They believed that they possessed special knowledge, that God only spoke through certain people.

This fivefold ministry heresy took place. Where all five of these gifts were possessed by one man, the Pastor. As this false teaching began to take hold, then the priesthood began to be separated. The vast majority of the priests and priestesses were marginalized and eventually became spectators. Instead of the Holy Spirit moving and speaking amongst His people, there was now only the “anointed ones.”

And just in case this was questioned or challenged, then the teaching was put in place that the “anointed ones were never to be challenged and if they were, then this was to be considered an attack by the enemy. Complete obedience was to be observed, they were never to be questioned. Elders were put in place that would never question these “anointed ones.”

Now that this “leadership,” was in place, then the second stage was put into operation. These leaders now convinced the people that they did not serve God, but God served them. Now how could this be accomplished? Ah, let the Pastors teach the people that it was not by might not by power nor by the Spirit but it was by the power of their own tongue.

That’s right, the people would be convinced that it was they that had the power and that God would serve them. All they would have to do would be to speak a word and the word that they spoke would have power. And the secondary teaching that was put in place was to teach the people that when they spoke and it did not happen, then the teaching was still sound, it was just that they lacked faith.

This was one of the enemies favorite weapons because he gained so much mileage out of it. First of all, he had the people convinced that God served them, secondly when they failed over and over again, then it was all their own fault thus he brought down condemnation upon their heads and lastly the world looked on with scorn at these people as they made claims that would not come to pass.

Now the enemy knew that there were many learned men of the Word amongst the Christians. He knew that they would rise up against all of his false applications of the Word, how could he neutralize these men? And then it came to him. He would convince these men that God no longer operated in the supernatural.

The gifts that were to edify the church, they would teach the other half of the church that these gifts had ceased. Even although they believed every part of the Scripture literally, and believed that context was all important, he managed to convince them that when the Scriptures said “when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will cease,” that it meant that there were no longer any sign gifts and the “perfect,” did not refer to Jesus. This was a master stroke of divisiveness.

Now the enemy was ready for the final part of his plan. Greed and power. He would use these to finally topple the Church. He would convince the people that the only way they could change things was by worldly methods. Although they should still pray, they must put most of their faith in politics. Yes, men can solve their problems.

They can solve their own problems. If you just get enough good men together then you can overcome the problems of the country be legislation. You can pass laws and save your country. This was a particularly sweet tactic of the enemy because he knew that an army of self-righteous law keepers would greatly enhance his plans. The enemy knew that if he could convince men that if good men did nothing that evil would triumph, then he would have won a great victory. Men must be convinced that they had the power to overcome their spiritual woes. Men have always tried to make themselves acceptable to their own deities, every religion in the world teaches that, he taught the Christians to believe that too.

Finally he would go straight to the heart of the matter. He would enrich them. He would see how much they needed their God once he give them riches. He will convince them that the riches are from God. He gave great riches to many of their leaders and he caused them to pursue these very riched themselves.He convinced them that if they were not “rich,” then they were somehow outside of the blessings of God. Like a pyramid scheme, he allowed quite a few of them great riches, and then got the leaders to allow them to share their “testimonies,” of how god enriched them, from the platform.

He transported these teaching to poor African countries and other places where the true life transforming gospel may have taken hold. When this was all done, and the people had the teachings and the leaders they wanted , then the leanness that followed destroyed what was left of the church in America. Turning this church into the Laodician church was one of his greatest works. He was am so proud of it because he convinced them and fooled them every step of the way. And the sweetest thing was that he used the very Scriptures that they claimed to live by.

Now that we are relatively few in the world, he is coming after us. Most of us have been captured and imprisoned. Many of us have already been killed. The world was plunged into chaos and the genuine Christians were blamed for most of the evils. We would not compromise. We refused to drop the name “Jesus,” from our prayers.

The world was told by its new leader that it was people like us that had caused all the problems in the world. If only these people would acknowledge that there are many paths to God and that we all , ultimately pray to the one God and that Jesus was just one of many great prophets sent by God, then there would be peace in the world, that is what they say and the world believes it. The religious people of the world say that we who hold to the belief that there is only one way to God and that all other paths lead to destruction are no better than the terrorists.

They say that we are of the same spirit, that we divide the world by our exclusivity. The only way, they say, to bring peace to the world is to eradicate all the “bigots,” from the earth. Only then can man live in harmony.

I wish that there were more of us left. What great tragedy has befallen on the many that were called. Perhaps if the leaders had led the sheep then there would be more of the “few,” today. If I could go back in time and warn them, I would tell them to repent and be broken before the Lord. I would tell them that their pursuit of riches would send a great leanness into their souls.

I would warn them about the wolves in sheep’s clothing. That they would know them from what they spoke out of the abundance of their hearts. That they were not “blessed,” as they imagined, but were “cursed.” I would tell them to pursue the real blessings and treasures from heaven. That the commodities that would see them through their coming calamities would not be their money or the security they gain from their bankbooks. I would tell them to forsake everything and pursue the presence of the Lord. This is His righteousness. And when they broke though they would receive the true treasures of heaven which are love and peace and joy and a sound mind.

5 Responses to “Woe unto the pastors, for the church is dead!”

  1. wand777 said

    the vatican has killed the spirit of christ

    the new movie “angels and demons” can’t whitewash this heinous history of the papal power.

    woe is us. Read the good book and rejoice.

  2. appolus said

    Hi, Thanks for dropping by. Fortunately the spirit of Christ cannot be killed, for God cannot be killed and He dwells within the heart of every true believer. Can the Spirit be quenched? Yes. Has the Catholic church done much damage down through the centuries? Yes. Is the dead Protesting church catching up? Yes. It matters not whether you a Catholic or Protestant or Baptist or Pentecostal, black, white, yellow with purple polka dots, what does matter is that one is born-again. Once an individual is genuinely born-again then the Spirit will lead that individual into all truth, even if that truth would lead you to be burned at the stake by Catholics of hung in Salem. The Truth is the Truth and it never changes and the gates of hell shall never prevail against the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God lies within each true believer…………….Frank

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  4. Voice said

    Perhaps the best history of the church in America I have read.

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