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Posted by appolus on December 29, 2007

She put her head back against the wall and looking upwards told me that she was in no position to even try and refuse this. She was blown away that God had answered her and her husbands prayer so immediately (she did not know that I had messed around for several week) She could not wait to get home and share this with her husband. Higher critics could explain this in the natural, but the supernatural is God talking to His people, directing them and of course, His perfect timing.


Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Verse 5 “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God shall help her at the turning of the morning.
We all know and have heard that God is never late, roughly translated that really means “God, why do you seem to make me wait until the last second?”
In the early and mid-nineteenth century, there came a diverse group of people who came to be known as “higher critics.” These people would take a “scientific,” look at Scriptures and study it in the “cold light of day.” What really happened was that these men attempted to take the “super,” out of the supernatural so that they would be left with nothing more than a historical document judged on what could be explained. If it could not be explained, it was rejected as fable. One classic example of this was the crossing of the River Jordan by the Israelites. We all know that God commanded the priests to put their foot into a spring swollen river with the Ark  on their shoulders. 

Higher critics discovered that some miles up river from the point at which the Israelites crossed, that there had been, at one point, possibly even in that time frame, a massive landslide which would have dammed up the river for a period of time. These Godless men, in their own act of faith, would cry “ah ha, we have our natural explanation.” Isn’t it amazing that in their zeal to discount a miracle working God that they missed the obvious. The miracle of the timing. Even it if is true that there was a massive landslide up the river that dammed it up, what are the odds that all this took place to perfectly coincide with the priests putting their foot in the water? What about the walls of Jericho? An earthquake? Perhaps. What are the odds of an earthquake occurring at the exact second the Israelites, under exact instructions from God, gave a great shout?
Last year, a handicapped friend of mine, a brother in Christ, was in the midst of an emotional and financial crisis. A few of us got together and decided that we would all chip in some money, it amounted to several hundred dollars. The real problem was going to be how to get the money to him without knowing that it came from us. So we decided that his best friend should take the money over in an envelope and put it in his letterbox. If he happened to be in, there would be no need for an explanation as to why he was there. Well, he was not in and the money was put in the letterbox. Day after day I waited for a call or a reaction from my friend. We believed that this provision from God could perhaps snap him out of his depression. Well, I had several conversations with him, and a couple of breakfasts and nothing. I was quite disappointed that God could bless him and that he would say nothing about it. About three weeks after the money was put in the letterbox, I got a call from my friend. The first thing he asked me was if I knew anything about money in his bookbag, to which I honestly said no. He then went on to explain that the previous night, about four in the morning, he had gotten up and cried out to God. He was in a desperate financial position and told God if He could not do something for Him, then he was lost.
My friend then told me that for a couple of months now, he had not been opening his mail, it was too depressing. He would grab the mail (he walks on crutches) and throw it into his bookbag and not open them. That morning , spurred on by his prayer, he decided to open his mail and face the “bad news.” What he got instead was a blessing that blew him away. He just kept saying “Frank, I just prayed the prayer a few hours before and here is this envelope with hundreds of dollars in it.” My reply was “praise God Smiley What really struck me was two elements of the story. His reaching the end of himself and crying out, and the timing. Three weeks earlier would have been too early, that morning(although it can be explained in natural terms) was right on time by the grace and miracle of a loving God.
Several weeks ago my family and I were in St Louis for a weekend getaway. On the Saturday night we decided to go to the Symphony and as we drove there I got a phone call. It was from “Mary,” (not her real name) This is a lady that works at one of the Doctors offices I go to. She works behind the desk and is a Christian woman. Her husband does not keep very well and they struggle because of that. Over the years I always visit with her as I check out. We talk about the Lord and what is going on in our lives. I had been in a few weeks before my St Louis weekend and as usual, had asked her how things were. She sighed and told me things were just the same. I tried to encourage her as I always do and made her laugh before I left.
 She was now on the phone (she has never called me before) telling me that she was convicted. The last time I was in she told me that things were just the same, well, she said, that was not true. She had been given a washing machine for free , blessed by the Lord, and had not told me about that. The Holy Spirit had convicted her to call and tell me that and put it right. Now, most people in the world would think that this was weird(including my wife) but I perfectly understood, having came under conviction myself many times and knowing how it feels until you do as your told.
When she hung up, the Lord said to me “Frank, I want you to give her $200.” I thought, fine, I can do that. When I got back from the weekend, I thought about how I could give her the money without her knowing it was from me. I had a plan, but for whatever reason it did not work out. Well, about four weeks had passed since my weekend and still I had not given her the money. I thought about just walking in there and giving it to her, but in the back of my mind I was not sure how she would receive it, there was every possibility that she would be offended.
 Well, my high blood pressure medication ran out. I tried to call in my refill but found out that my six months supply was up and I would now have to visit the Doctor to renew the prescription(something that I usually complain about) My appointment was set for that day at 4.00. I went to the bank and got the money and put it in an envelope. I got there punctually(five minutes early) and “Mary,” was not there. I asked the other lady where Mary was and she told me that I must have just missed her as she knocks of at 4.00. My spirit dropped a little but then she came walking out of the back door on her way out. I said hi and asked her if I could talk to her for a minute outside in the hallway. She went out and sat down and I signed in. I went out and joined her. I asked her if she remembered the phone call she made and the conviction that she told me about, she smiled and said “of course.” Well, I said to Mary, you will understand me when I tell you that I am under a similar conviction, the Lord wants you to have this , and I handed her the envelope.
She peeked into the envelope and her eyes filled up and she began to cry. She just kept shaking her head. With difficulty she told me that the previous evening, her and her husband had sat at their table and had to decide which bill not to pay. She barely had the gas money that morning to get to work. Her and her husband prayed fervently, for the first time in a long time, about their situation.
She put her head back against the wall and looking upwards told me that she was in no position to even try and refuse this. She was blown away that God had answered her and her husbands prayer so immediately (she did not know that I had messed around for several week) She could not wait to get home and share this with her husband. Higher critics could explain this in the natural, but the supernatural is God talking to His people, directing them and of course, His perfect timing.
Has God told you to do something ? Are you holding back for some reason? Is it possible your holding back the blessing of God? The last two stories rely upon two things, Gods people following His instruction to the letter, and their complete dependence upon Him. Perhaps you have reached a crisis point today? Will you call upon the Lord who is your refuge and strength and who is a very present help in time of trouble? Do you know that God is in your midst and you shall not be moved? God will help you at the “turning of the morning.” This means “at the break of Dawn.” You have heard the phrase “things are always darkest just before the dawn,” then praise the Lord we serve a God that brings the light into the darkest of situations. No matter what you face today, no matter how dark your situation, there is a God who cares and is working behind the scenes. Cry out to Him today, trust Him today and if the Lord has called you to do something, please do it no matter if it makes sense or not, trust in Him, He is the morning sun that rises in the heart of even the darkest of circumstances. Put your foot in the water with the Lord Jesus elevated above your circumstances and see if your river will not dry up, just test Him and see if He will not make a way where there seems to be no way. ……………..In the beauty of Holiness………………..Frank

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