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Looking not to the world but unto God.

Posted by appolus on February 2, 2023

1Th 2:4  But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which tests our hearts. 

We have been entrusted with the Gospel. We must speak the truth and in no way desire to please men. We are not called to flatter anyone. Flatterers do so to gain something. It is a tool, a weapon of the enemy to gain access into the hearts and minds and oftentimes beds and pockets of foolish and vulnerable people. Men who use the Gospel are seeking glory for themselves. They desire to be lifted up, to be sought after, to gain the preeminence. The man of God makes no such demands upon people, he does not seek after his own. Rather He is strong and gentle among the saints. He has deep affection and love for his brothers and his sisters. He will impart not only the gospel to the hearers but also his whole life shall be laid down. Rather than take, Paul and those with him worked and toiled night and day so that he would not be a burden to anyone. How this flies in the face of self named “clergy.”

Paul suffered so much, therefore when he comes upon a people who would suffer similarly for the cause of Christ he pours out his heart in love and thanksgiving for such a people as the Thessalonians.He loves them as a father loves his own children. He desires to be with them and it is interesting that “Satan hindered,” him from coming to them. These people, and all people who suffer for the cause of Christ cause real damage to the kingdom of darkness. They have pierced the darkness with their light and the enemy tries to snuff out such light. Perhaps you suffer for the Lord today? All those who desire to live Godly in the Lord Jesus shall be persecuted and that persecution comes in a thousand different ways. You are just as much a threat to the enemies kingdom as the Thessalonians were. Yet as much as Paul loved these saints, your heavenly Father loves you more. He sees you suffer. He sees your pain. Yet you are His glory and joy. You are His very own. And in the day of the coming of the Lord you shall be, as Paul puts it, His joy and His crown of rejoicing. Soon the night shall pass brothers and sisters and in the morning of His coming, great joy shall fill the universe, and your work on earth shall be done.


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