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Let this mind be in you!

Posted by appolus on January 7, 2023

Php 2:5  Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: 

What mind is Paul talking about brothers and sisters? We know that the mind of Christ knew that He was equal with God. Yet, He made Himself of no reputation, rather He took on the form of a bond-servant and came to earth as a man of flesh and Blood. And walking the earth in such a manner, He was humbling Himself and being obedient to God. He was born to die and not only to die, but to suffer the death of the cross. We too shall live and we shall die but who shall willingly take up the cross and die upon that? This is the mindset we have been called to. You dear brother, you dear sister have been born to die, yet yours shall be the death of the cross. Daily you shall pick it up and yield to it. And upon it you shall watch your flesh die. You shall see the death of selfish ambition. You shall see the death of pride. You shall begin to see others as more important than you. Their interests shall be more important to you than your own. You shall find like minded believers and will be joined to them in heart and mind and soul. You, brothers and sisters of the cross shall be of one accord and in this mindset you shall find unity.


One Response to “Let this mind be in you!”

  1. Wonderful Image! Brothers and sisters of the cross finding unity.

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