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The world starves.

Posted by appolus on July 14, 2022

Isa 29:8  It shall even be as when an hungry man dreams, and, behold, he eats; but he awakes, and his soul is empty.

The nations are like hungry men. They dream of eating, they salivate at the prospect of devouring the saints around the world, but they shall awake hungry. Their present reality is but a dream like state. They believe themselves to be rich and in need of nothing and they cast their wanton eyes upon the saints of the earth who are, to them, their enemies. The saints stand enriched even in the presence of their enemies. The Lord has provided them a banqueting table and His banner over them is love. His mercy pursues them, it runs after them, surely the goodness of God follows them all the days of their lives even as they are surrounded. Those who come against the Body of Christ, who array themselves for battle against God’s people shall awake from their present day reality only to discover that it was in fact a dream. The true reality is the Kingdom of God and its King, Jesus, not the kings of the world.

The world is in the midst of the greatest drought that it has ever seen. It is a spiritual drought and the nations dream of being quenched but in fact they awake thirsty still. They faint from the enclosing reality. Their world is the shallow world of self and their inner shallowness desires more depth but only under their own terms, and so they thirst on, and awake with a craving soul. Rather than turn to the Lord they turn on the saints. Rather than being humbled in their own eyes they are angered and full of hatred and shake two angry fists at God and His people. Verse six lays out the inevitable end. The Lord will speak in the thunder, He will shake the whole earth by earthquake. Terrible storms await the earth and the the flame of His devouring fire is last.

Yet in the very midst of this terrible judgement God has promised His people that in that day that He would raise up the tabernacle of David. We are the tabernacle and Christ has raised us up. Our enemies may rejoice in our defeat………but wait, we shall arise by the power of God. Did not the enemies of the Lord Jesus rejoice at his death on Calvary? Their rejoicing was short lived. Up from the grave that He was laid in He arose. They may put the saints of the Lord in a grave but we shall arise. They may win great battles but we have won the war. Out of the dust and the ashes of a disintegrating world set against God and His people, God said that He would cause the plowman to overtake the reaper (Amos 9) The abundance of the harvest in that day will be so great that while those who reap are still reaping, there is not enough time to gather it all up. It will be time again to sow. The true spiritual abundant life lived out by the victorious saints whose victory was attained for them at the bloody battle-field of Calvary. Do not despair saints, the Lord is coming.

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  1. Anonymous said


  2. Lisa said

    What a beautiful encouraging letter. Crazy times we are living in. I have had a series of dreams lately. I would like to share them if I may, and if anybody care to hear them and offer any insight, it would be welcomed. Even if the insight shared is one telling me the dreams are false or from the enemy.

    Dream #1. I dreamed I was resting at a crossroads in the countryside on a beautiful sunny day with my dogs, when the devil drove by in a powder blue old cadillac and stopped. He then got out of his car and started walking towards me. He was an older looking gentleman wearing a nice suit and a fedora and smiling at me. The best words I can find that I can use to express the feelings I had in that dream in the presence of that man, is dread, fear, and a bit of panic. I began to shout at him telling him to not come near me! Fight or flight instincts kicked in. I pointed to my car parked across the road and told him that there was a camera in my car and informed him that he was being recorded. I wanted to run away from him to my car with my dogs, but I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t run. So I just stood my ground shouting at him to go away and leave, to get out of here! But he wasn’t intimidated at all. He just stood there looking at me with that creepy smile on his face. I woke up.

    Dream # 2. The next dream I had took place in my neighborhood. There was a house on my street that had been broken into. The woman told us her story, telling us that the robbers took some of the furniture in her house. They later found that the furniture that was stolen from her house had been thrown over the hillside. Everyone was perplexed by that, why somebody would want to break in and do something like that? Just senseless. Then another woman looked at me and asked if I was aware that I lived next door to a halfway house. I said, uhh, no I was not aware of that. Then she asked me another strange question. She asked me if I was ready for the harvest? I understood she was talking about the fall harvest because I saw images of pumpkins and corn in my mind when she asked. In the dream I thought it strange, I couldn’t understand why in the middle of June in 90 degree weather why somebody would ask somebody else such a strange question. And harvest? Who talks like that? We all say fall around here. So then I answered her, though still somewhat confused by her question. Uhh, yeah just about. I told her that I’d like to can a few more things and get 2 turkeys, but other than that I guess I’m ready? Then I woke up. Spiritual and biblical symbolism and imagery in this dream as well. So though it’s weird and it might mean nothing, it somehow seems significant. Like Jesus said, keep watch, do not let your house be broken into. And he said the harvest is the end of the age.

    Last dream. Earlier this week. Dreamed about the devil again. He wasn’t smiling this time. This time he was blazing angry and violent. He was wearing the fedora again. Reminds me somewhat of Freddy Kruger with the fedora hat. Although I don’t watch movies like that. Almost certain it is the same fella from the dream #1 I had last month that I just shared up above. I dreamed this time about “trafficked people.” The dream was specific in using those terms. It was night time. I watched as people were gathered up and put inside of a trunk of a car (yes it’s weird I know) and the trunk was slammed shut. The people were trapped. There was nowhere to go. It was dark. And they couldn’t see anything. They were scared. Many were crying and panicking. Then I saw the devil come very angry filled with wrath and fury. They couldn’t see him, but from where I stood from my perspective I could see him. He had a big knife with a large blade. I watched in horror as he fiercely plunged the knife into the trunk driving the blade very hard and very fast over and over and over again like a crazed maniac through the trunk into all the people trapped inside, shedding their blood, just killing them. I heard their screams. I was crying out in the dream, No no! Stop, stop! It was absolutely unbearable for me to watch and listen to this scene I couldn’t stand it, I woke myself up doing the muffled nightmare sleep scream. The dream makes me think of bible prophecy and imagery, such as the devil’s wrath, the sword, the night. The dream showed me a space of time like this ___ | ____________ underneath the scene I watched. I understood the space of time was broken up into two parts. The first part was the space of time we are currently living in now until the next space of time. It’s pretty short. The second space was the space of time I saw with the devil killing people. One thing about the dream I forgot to mention. When I saw the devil with the knife, I understood that when this happens, I was supposed to know and understand that this will mark that the end is almost here. The second space of time in the timeline. And I understood that when the end comes, it will be over.

    So there are the 3 dreams. From God? From the devil? My own imagination? Sorry this was so long. I just wanted to share this here and possibly get some input from any saints who care to read it. I am not a prophet or nothing. Just a nobody that nobody knows or cares about. Any input or thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks. ~ Lisa 💛

    • appolus said

      Certainly not from the devil. The devil does not warn people of things to come nor does he reveal himself because it diminishes his power. Seems more like a warning that great evil is to come, an evil on a scale we have not seen before. The harvest is the end if the world, the great separation of the saints from the world. As the sifting intensifies, then God’s true saints are separated from the mere professing saints. Once that happens then the devil targets them for total destruction (Rev 13) The final sifting, the final separation is the identity of those who endure to the end, to those who overcome, by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and ……..they loved not their lives unto death…….bro Frank.

      • Lisa said

        Thanks for the response and spiritual input. I really appreciate your thoughts and insight. Have a terrific weekend 🙂

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