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Is there any left?

Posted by appolus on November 18, 2021

Amo 6:12  Shall horses run upon the rock? will one plow there with oxen?

What rocks is here being discussed? The hard hearts of men who would not listen to correction. Rather than allowing their hearts to be tilled and to be plowed, they resisted the work of the Holy Spirit. They resisted to such a point that now their “houses,” great or small, would be broken into little pieces. Their hardness would condemn them to barrenness. Nothing would grow in a field full of rocks. I would now like to compare this scene from Amos to modern day Christendom. The word of God stands as it always has. It is unmovable. Who can stand under its shadow and deny it? Who would dare to do such a thing? Only the hardest of hearts would resist and replace its teaching with their own vain traditions. And in the end, these hard hearts are broken down into pieces and lay scattered in the field. What can a horse do in such a field? What could an ox do is such a field? There is no plowing of such a field.

In this place, in these places, in those hearts, the sun shall shall go down at noon. In broad daylight there shall suddenly be darkness. Their celebrations will turn to mourning and their songs of praise shall turn into songs of lamentation. A famine shall fall upon such a land. It shall not be a famine of bread, for they will have bread in abundance. Nor shall there be a drought, they shall have an abundance of water. The famine shall fall upon their hearts which shall make it impossible to hear the word of the Lord. They shall go to great lengths to call down God. The music shall increase but God shall not hear their praises. They shall fall back upon the traditions of their ancestors and they shall find no comfort there, only the smoke from the fire of their own making. They will pronounce this smoke to be the presence of the Lord, but of course it is not.

Who would make themselves an enemy of God? When God strikes the doorposts and the thresholds shake who will flee from God in that day? The Lord God Himself says this, listen and tremble “Though they dig into hell, from there My hand shall take them.” He goes on to relay to man that even if he ascends into the heavens they shall be brought back down, if they descend to the bottom of the sea, even there God will reach them. God says “I will set my eyes on them.” And this was not for good. God reminds men that it is He, who if He just touched the earth, it would melt. This is the God of all creation who is speaking. He who formed the layers of the sky and founded the strata of the earth, who calls forth the waters of the sea and it comes running at His command.

Yet despite all of this, there is a people who God will raise up from the midst of this. He will raise up the tabernacle of David. The Church militant will once again dwell in the tabernacle, the place of meeting. This place has been all but abandoned. We have built a thousand thousand temples and God does not dwell in the temples built by man rather He dwells in the tabernacle with His bride. His tabernacle is the gathering of the saints who gather in His name. Now remember you cannot gather in the name of Jesus if that name is not above every other name in your life. He is the preeminent One and He joins Himself with those with whom He is preeminent. This is the tabernacle raised. And the fruit of these gatherings shall abound, as opposed to the barren rock filled fields of the houses of men.

Oh brothers and sisters, listen to what the Lord says as a promise…. “the days are coming when the plowman shall overtake the reapers and the treader of grapes shall be overtaken by him who sows seed, the mountains shall drip with sweet wine and the hills shall flow with it.” This reminds me of psalm 133 where the oil flows abundantly and the blessings of life fall heavily upon everything like the dew that would fall upon the mountains. You see what is being said? The man who plows the field shall come upon the reapers of the harvest that was so great that that it was still being gathered when it was time to sow again. A great abundance. This is what awaits the saints. Gather together saints, with other saints, who will raise the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ high above everything, who will stand upon the Word of God and the Word of God alone, who have abandoned the vain and empty traditions of men. For the Bridegroom comes and He shall find His Bride made ready.

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