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My Trip to Wales and The Mystery of fellowship.

Posted by appolus on November 16, 2021

4 Responses to “My Trip to Wales and The Mystery of fellowship.”

  1. Dick said

    Just listened to the “mystery of fellowship” that you shared and I thank you for it. A true blessing to me that instills a hunger for such fellowship. It was obvious that you were enriched by that time and I’m sure Christ’s life in you was ministered to the others as well. Now, nearing 78 years of age I wonder how many will ever experience what you describe, I never have and do not know any personally who have given a testimony to it. I do believe there are gatherings of the true “Church” where Christ is at the center and not man in some expression. But, Even house churches often are nothing more than a small group that circle around a single Leader facilitating a formatted Bible Study. In short, the institutional church cloned inside someone’s home—-a version of the clergy system. My hope is to find and experience Body life as the Lord intended before He calls me home. How difficult it must have been to separate from these Brothers and Sisters after such a blessed time of fellowship and sharing.

    • appolus said

      You are so spot on brother. It was extremely difficult to leave, it was a wrench to tear myself away from “life.” I pray that you find this my friend…….bro Frank

  2. Anonymous said

    Really appreciate your encouragement through this powerful testimony of your trip to meet these saints..I can feel the power your teaching..it’s so real..thank you..and God Bless!

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