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The weight of our guilt.

Posted by appolus on October 16, 2021

When the Spirit of conviction comes upon a man or a woman, as in Acts 2, then we see a people crushed by the sure knowledge of the horrendous nature of their crime. The weight of their guilt crushes them. They are, as Scripture tells us, “stabbed in the heart.” To be stabbed in the heart in the natural means certain death, there is no recovery from it. As it is in the natural, so it follows in the supernatural. They are slain, and then they are born again. In the dying they cry out “what must we do!!!,” and they find life. I have always likened that to “woe is me…….I am undone.” Renting of shirts and hearts being stabbed, I’d like to see a lot more of that. And it all begins with an emboldened baptized in the Holy Spirit Peter, unashamed and unafraid to point to the crowd and say “you crucified the Christ.” And like a supernatural arrow shot from the bow of the Holy Spirit, they are stabbed right through the heart.

The only way we can understand the magnitude of His mercy, is to understand the magnitude of our guilt. He may have taken our sins, but it is a vital aspect of salvation that we understand and experience our guilt. This can only come by revelation, the true depths of it, so that we may be able to scale the true heights of His glory. There is a direct correlation between the depth of the revelation of our guilt and consequent knowledge of His grace and mercy and this effects the depth of our walk with Christ. It primes everything. It sets the context for everything. Those, we are told, who are forgiven much, love much. And it is not so much the magnitude of the sins committed, rather it is the revelation of the guilt revealed and how we respond to it.

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  1. Anonymous said

    Thank you Jesus!

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