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Surely I have calmed my soul.

Posted by appolus on October 14, 2021

Psalm 131:2 Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul.

I cannot tell tell you how many times my soul has cried out from its depths for quiet and for calm. In an ever changing world and sometimes extremely tough circumstances, how much value can we put upon this? To be calm and to be quiet in your mind as opposed to a raging stormy sea of noise and anxiousness and fear. Then of course there is the accuser who may be ever whispering in your ear. David says in the opening verses of this Psalm that his heart is not haughty nor his eyes lofty. He does not concern himself with matters that are too great for him nor too profound for him. There are a few things to be said of that, I have two.

Firstly there are the matters of our day and we get caught up with them, much like the world does. Watch any news at all and perhaps you begin to feel the weight of it all pressing down upon your shoulders. In a news cycle that runs twenty four hours a day, we may find ourselves drawn into crisis after crisis. And yet who are we saints? The Lord’s kingdom is not of this world. We know how this world ends, we already know it yet somehow we can get caught up with it and feel its weight. We need to lay that down. David was a king when he made his opening statements of this psalm. A king! And yet he says he did not concern himself with great matters! Surely the answer is he trusted in the Lord His God. If a king can do it and lay his burdens down, surely you can?

Secondly and more interestingly, listen to what David’s brother says to him when he, the young shepherd boy comes into the armies camp in 1 Sam 17:28 …”I know thy pride and thine wickedness of heart.’ Eliab was angry with his brother. He accuses him of being prideful and haughty. Why? Because David has just heard Goliath mock the armies of God. David was indignant and had a mind to kill Goliath. This would have undoubtedly shamed not only his brothers but every man among them that this boy was willing to fight this giant when they were all so very afraid. David had not sought this situation, the situation found him. And God moved in his heart. Brothers and sisters we should not concern ourselves with great matters, nor should we pursue things that are to profound for us. Unless you are in the Lord these matters will crush you. It is only by His Spirit that we should pay any mind to any matters at all.

And so brothers and sisters. Do you seek to be quiet in your mind and in your spirit? Do you seek to walk in peace , a peace that surpasses all understanding? Then do this. Seek the Lord your God with all of your heart and your mind and your spirit. Let that be your life’s works. Do not watch things that make you anxious, in fact be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication and thanksgiving make your request known to God. Let your heart be bathed in thankfulness. One more thing. David was falsely accused by his brother. Perhaps, way back when, when you were young, you were raised with slander instead of love. To this day you still hear the accusations ringing in your ears and echoing throughout your soul. Time and again it raises its ugly noisy head. I want you to know that your total identity is found in Christ. He thought so much of you that He died for you. God so loved you that He made an enormous sacrifice to save you. All that matters is what He thinks about you. Rest in that. Be at peace. You are loved by God and in the end, that is all that matters. And in this knowledge there is no burden.

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