A Call To The Remnant

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Final victory

Posted by appolus on March 20, 2021

If the greatest spiritual victory has Calvary as its backdrop, then what kind of backdrop will there be to the greatest victory the Church will ever know? If when Christ came it ended with Calvary and the resurrection, what will be the Church’s end be prior to His return? If Calvary broke the power of hell and death and sin and the grave what will be the culmination of it be for the Church? That same hell that believed that it could overcome Christ by means of killing the Son of God, still believes that it can over come His children by wiping them out. This will be the end time strategy of the enemy. But can I tell you something Church, it’s all black velvet. It will merely serve as a backdrop to the greatest event the world will ever know, the return of Christ. Our backdrop will be persecution. This will be the backdrop of our victory.

Will it look like victory as it plays out? Did Calvary look like victory as men beheld it? Did they not mock Jesus on the cross? Will they not mock us? Did they not kill the Disciples? Will they not kill us? Did Jesus not cry out “Father forgive them for they know not what they do?” Did Stephen not cry out for mercy for his persecutors? By the power of the Holy Spirit he told them that they were stiff necked people who always resisted the Holy Spirit and the God did not dwell in temples made by human hands? He struck at the heart of religious men and they fell upon him with a fury. We too shall strike at the hearts of religious men and they will fall upon us as well. The question will be for you and for me, can we love our enemies as Christ loved His and as Stephen loved his? Only the true saint empowered by the Holy Spirit will be able to make this kind of stand. Bold and fearless, sensitive to the Spirit and full of love.

This is our calling, walk ye in it saint. Prepare your hears for war. There have been many battles and skirmishes but the last great push is coming. Nazis called it “total war,” where men, women and children fought and died to the last. There is a total war coming against the saints and in that moment, in that time you will either be for Jesus or you will be against Him. In total war there can only be one victorious side. One side shall prevail and the other side shall fail. We are on the victorious side saints and it is going to look like Calvary. For a moment the enemy, the world will rejoice. They will believe that they have conquered their enemy and are rid of them. And then Christ. Christ returns in all His glory in the sky with the saints who have fallen in battle, who have died over the ages and those who remain alive will rise up and join Him in the sky and then the world gets to see what total victory looks like. Be strong saints and walk in the power of His might.

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