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Praetorian Guard?

Posted by appolus on January 19, 2021

For those who do not know who the Praetorian Guard were, they were an elite handpicked group of Roman soldiers that would guard Roman Emperors. They were made up of nine “cohorts,” each consisting of around 1000 soldiers, so about nine thousand in all. While the legions were not allowed to come near to Rome, they had to stay north of the Rubicon river, the Praetorian Guard were barracked just outside of the city of Rome.

It is said that on Wednesday, there will be over twenty thousand national guard in Washington D.C for the transfer of power, the inauguration of Joe Biden. It has been reported that everyone of those twenty thousand soldiers have had background reports carried out on them. Hand picked men and women of a certain political persuasion? Is there a purge going on in the military? What would disqualify you?

Is it possible that we are looking at the politicization of the Army? What next, the police? This is very dangerous territory we are entering into. If the armed forces and the police become armed centers of ideology where all dissenting voices are purged out, then they simply become an armed wing of one dominant political force. You can see how that would end. Not well. Purging the institutions of society of any voice that disagrees with the dominant narrative has occurred many times in history. It never ends well.

Yet we know that saints don’t we? It does not end well for us in this world. It did not end well for our Lord Jesus. But, wait………..He rose again, He rose again!!! The enemy might kick us when we are down but we shall rise again. He arose so then shall His servants. If the Lord Jesus is for us then who can be against us? It may be dark all through the night but cometh the morning the sun rises and the dawn breaks. Jesus is our sunrise, Jesus is our dawn and at the break of the end of ages we shall be with Him as He comes again for all the world to see. Glory to God. Be of Good faith brothers and sisters for He has overcome the world.

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