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The twilight zone.

Posted by appolus on December 14, 2020

And God said let there be light and there was light. God saw the light and it was good and God separated the light from the darkness. And so it has ever been, a clear separation. Light itself is a power, a force. It heats, it lights, it travels. It can be concentrated and it burns. If I look into the light for too long I go blind because of its power. Darkness on the other hand is the mere absence of light.

There is a time that lies between the day and the night. It is dusk. It’s not dark and it’s not light. We are living in such a time. The sun is setting on this world. The seasons have come and gone since the dawn of time and now the gross darkness approaches. If there was a dawn of time then there is a dusk a dusk of time. The time of the twilight. Twilight is when the sun falls below the horizon. We still see a few rays especially when there are clouds. We are living in the dusk of time.

One definition of the word twilight is “a period or state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline.” The example given is ” he is in the twilight of his career.” I would argue that America is in the twilight zone. Not just America, the whole world, but led by America. The corruption of its institutions is a symptom of decline and I would not describe it as gradual. Organized Christianity is one of those institutions. It is neither light nor dark but lies between some ambiguous precarious position over a gaping chasm. How long can it stand astride two places? If it wants its place in the world it will have to take its stand with the world. If it wants its place in the light it will have to abandon it’s dalliance with the darkness.

Will it? Although I hope for a different outcome I say no. God Himself is removing the middle ground. People within the compromised institutions will have to choose ye this day whom they shall serve. There is no room for ambiguity in the Body of Christ. Ananias and Sapphira discovered that they could not pretend to be one thing, when they were in fact something quite different. The only thing worse than not giving your all to Jesus is pretending that you have given your all to Jesus. Be sure, if it is not true, it shall find you out. God shall find you out. You are using His name.

What fellowship can there be between light and darkness? If there is light merging with darkness then its really not light otherwise the merger could not take place. Light swallows up darkness. Darkness only reigns when the sun disappears below the horizon. If the light that is in you is actually darkness, then how great the darkness? Unless we are single-minded in our devotion to Jesus then we shall end up making a choice between the darkness and the light, the world or the Body of Christ. How about you? Shall you choose the light or shall you be swallowed in the twilight zone?

2 Responses to “The twilight zone.”

  1. Carleton L Avery said

    Amen a hardy and bold Amen! Let’s take that a little further , for judgment must first begin “out from the household of God” (1PET 4:17), we as believers are so upside down and confused about what we believe and what God/god we serve these days, Lord please help us, upright us in your righteousness, deliver us from the evil of our own hearts, restore marriages, forgive us as fathers and husbands for failing to love 💕 our wives and our children more than money 💵, rescue your Bride from the love of mammon and the oppression of poor and oppressed peoples, yes ohh Lord, we lift our hearts to you in repentance and brokenness that we may unlearn all the wickedness of “christian religion “ and embrace the truth of living as “son’s of the Kingdom “ and as true citizens of Heaven, yes may we come to know what it truly means to “seek first the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness.

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