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The desire to be slaves

Posted by appolus on November 25, 2020

Much of America no longer desires to be Independent. They want to be part of a world order, part of an old European order where the elite reign and the peasants know their place. It’s not surprising that the elite want this, it is very surprising that the rank and file want this. I suppose it is better to be back in Egypt where you are assured of your daily rations despite the whip, than to wander free in a desert where you have to rely upon God.

It is my guess that the remnants of Feudalism still finds itself in the ancient DNA of the European peoples of the earth. So, in the natural, it would seem that escaping a slave mentality is, in the end, not really possible. I am glad that the Spirit of God set me free and he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

We can have revolutions, American or otherwise, and observe that their so called freedom lasts a couple of centuries at best and then they slowly revert to their need to be enslaved. Yet in Christ, those truly set free are free indeed for all time. Jesus is the true revolution and the only breaker of chains.

2 Responses to “The desire to be slaves”

  1. Jeana said

    Amen ! God bless you brother

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