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He is the Vine

Posted by appolus on November 11, 2020

Oh vine, how precious are you now
I am safe within thy graft
Sap flows to every part of me
Now I am part of something vast

With every part of who I am
I in thee abide
Precious waters flow to me
Like a great incoming tide

Life, I feel it’s precious flow
And in that life I dwell
It’s deep and it’s unquenchable
To me an never ending well

Oh the depths of what has set me free
Abiding in the vine and the vine in me
Just to be part of the Olive tree
Sets my grateful soul on fire

Oh Lord my God now comes the fruit
Tis thy work alone, tis every shoot
Tis all thy work who pruneth me
Who died and rose and set me free

One Response to “He is the Vine”

  1. Anonymous said

    Wonderful comforting words! Praise be to God!

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