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Is the Word in you and me?

Posted by appolus on September 3, 2020

We know the Bible is true not by long painful reasoning, but by a flash of inspiration from the throne and from the Holy Ghost that brings the flash. The big problem is not whether the Bible is true. The big problem is whether it is true in you. It is not whether the Bible is true, but it is whether these things are true in you and me. (Tozer)

Do you see what my brother is saying? It is not the Bible being true, for of course it is , it is about whether that truth is revealed in you. Many men spend years learning apologetics. They have a tremendous head knowledge of the word, but the magnificent truth found in the Scriptures is not found in them, it has left their own hearts untouched. Their heads may be inflated, but their hearts remain hard.

And so the Word of God came by revelation, but the understanding of it comes by inspiration. It is not an art,neither is it a science, its the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and its proof comes by way of a changed life. Never once since I was born again by the power of God have I doubted the word of God. The same revolution that took place in my life took place in my mind and in my spirit. I knew all at once that it was all true. My journey through the Word has been led and guided by the great teacher, the Holy Spirit. I, a peasant, have sat at the feet of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Men boast about having gone to Harvard or Yale or Cambridge or Oxford, they are mere illiterate fools in comparison to the students led and taught by the Holy Spirit.

So let me ask you brothers and sisters, are you a living epistle read by men? Can the world look at you and see the Word of God manifested and demonstrated in all its glory? You see, the word of God changes and enlarges the heart not the head. Those taught the Word by the Holy Spirit are known by their love for one another. They are priests in a royal priesthood. They are better than scribes, they are better than scholars, they are children of the living God. Renewed, regenerated, being sanctified having been justified.

You see brothers and sisters, I will know how much you actually know of the Word of God by how much your life demonstrates the life of Christ in you. You can know about the word and you may even be able to quote chapter and verse, so can the Pharisee. It is not knowing about the Word, it is about knowing the Word. This intimacy with the Spirit of God is revelation and inspiration. You can know about the Word without being intimate with God, but no one can know anything of the Word without the inspiration that comes by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

2 Responses to “Is the Word in you and me?”

  1. micah413 said

    This sentence jumped off the page at me…
    I, a peasant, have sat at the feet of the Holy Spirit of the Living God.
    My goodness I could feel the Holy Spirit rejoicing over your servants heart.

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