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Will you bow the knee to the mob?

Posted by appolus on July 25, 2020

I shared just a few days ago with a group of saints that when sports came back that every knee would bow. The picture shows the very first baseball game of the year. Every knee bowed with a black ribbon connecting them to show their support for BLM. This is the power of the mob. This is the fickle nature of the multitude. How could a group of people be hailing Jesus as King one week, and the next week be calling for His blood to be upon their heads? How is it that a whole country could be compelled to give the Nazi salute in Germany? Fear. A desire to fit in. A terror of standing up to the mob. The control in America is tightening. Just yesterday a poll that was taken revealed that over 60% of Americans were afraid to voice their opinion in public. This power of the mob is not knew to society and it is something to be manipulated and wielded. It is regressive (or in our example its from progressives) It is like a virus, something that gets into the atmosphere, something that we breathe in.

Speak your mind and lose your job. Speak your mind and lose your friends. Speak your mind and lose your liberty. Speak your mind and lose your life. As I said, this is not new. Study the last 2000 years and see each period of extreme persecution all have the same stifling of opinions that run counter to the popular culture. Religious or secular, the tactics are the same because it is tried and tested. Make no mistake, there is a strategy behind all of this and its not man made. Men are mere pawns in the grand strategy of the devil, willing dupes. The dupes payoff is to see their grievances avenged and the people they hate suffer. The devil’s payoff is to shut down the ability to shares the Gospel, the full Gospel. As in times gone by, there is a remnant who will not bow the knee nor give the salute to the devil and his cohorts. It will not end well, but the end of this world for the saints is the reaching of our final etrnal destination.

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