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An abundant life.

Posted by appolus on July 11, 2020

The Christian’s answer to death is living life. And by that I mean zoe life. In the Scriptures there is three kinds of life. There is the physical life, there is the mental life and then there is the life of God flowing in us. The three Greek words for them, in that order, are Bios, Psuch and Zoe.

An example of Bios would be found in Luke 8 in the parable of the sower and the seed. In verse 14 we see that the seed has fallen among thorns. These thorns represent the cares and the pleasures of “life.” The abundant life of God was ignored and instead, the pleasures and the cares of this life choked out any chance of walking in the abundant life(zoe) of God.

An example of Psuch can be found in Matt 16:25. Whosoever shall save his life (pysuch) shall lose it, and whosoever shall lose his life(pysuch) for my sake shall find it. This word represents the mind, the emotion and the will. It is what represents the seat of our affections. It has nothing to do with being a martyr. It has everything to do with a compete surrender of the heart, the soul the mind and the body. This kind of surrender leads to zoe life.Or, without this surrender the bios life which chokes out any chance of an abundant zoe life in Christ.

An example of Zoe life is John 1:4 In Him was the life(zoe) and that life was the light of men. This is the life of God quite apart from man, the eternal life of God than knows no beginning or end. When this life comes to reside in a man or a woman, they are walking in and by the life of God. The abundance is the life of God in us.

There has been much written about the sower and the seed. Some would say that it was the condition of the soil that caused the various reactions. Yet we see that in verse Luke 8:4 people were gathered from every city to hear the word of God. And Jesus “scattered the seed,” among them, all of them. It was not their condition that stunted their growth and killed them of, for all men are in the same spiritual condition outside of Jesus, they are dead in their sins. No, it was their reaction to the Word of God, their response to it.

“Having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”(Luke 8:15) Those who hear the word and keep it create depth in their hearts and the seed can grow and produce much fruit and they walk in zoe life the abundant life of Christ which is living waters to the seed sown which now resides in the depths of good ground.

If you focus on anything other than Jesus then you allow the devil to come and steal the seed right out of your heart. If your eyes are on the cares of this world and its pleasures, you allow thorns to grow and choke you. When trial and temptation comes it reveals what kind of life you have in you, it reveals the decision that that you made in your life(pysuch) way back at the beginning of your profession, whether you did indeed lose your life for His sake.

As in all things, it is how we respond to the word of God that determines our walk in this life (bios) If you abide in His word, then you are His true disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Free to live an abundant zoe life in Christ. The seed is to be scattered far and wide. A man or womans reaction to that word is between them and God. God would have that all men and women come to a saving knowledge of Him and that all men would be obedient to His word. His desire would be all men would live an abundant life.

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