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He touched

Posted by appolus on May 19, 2020

Mat 8:3  And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him,

I have realized just how much I miss this thing called touch. To take someone’s hand. To put an arm around someone’s shoulder. To hug a friend, a grandson, a baby. Touch. You know, I would not survive in a world without touch. My life was birthed by a touch, Jesus touched me. He touched my heart. He touched my soul. He touched every part of who I was and He transformed me. Just one touch from the Masters hand. The end result of the above Scripture was that the man, the man who had leprosy, was healed. There is healing in the touch of God. There is healing in the laying on of hands. There is something about touch. To reach out and touch someone right where they are. To reach them through the darkness of loneliness. To connect with them through the fog of alienation. To break through the invisible barrier of space and distance and connect with another soul. If distance is the price for saving my life going forward then I am not going to make it. I dont want to make it under those conditions. I want to touch just as I have been touched. And if there is a willing and needful recipient, whether he has leprosy or some virus then I want to touch that one. I want to, in a very limited way, convey the touch of God that changed me. In the end, I will not be told, not to touch or to keep my distance social or otherwise. I will follow the God who touched me and the God who heals. Saints, let us follow His lead and reach out and touch someone.

5 Responses to “He touched”

  1. Mary said


    I can’t tell you how much this post touched me!
    You expressed my heart fully, and this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Just yesterday at the office I work at, a 38 year old young woman started sharing with me the horror story of what she has been going through for years. After a few hip surgeries, and two hip replacements, in which they not only put the wrong size in her but they were “recall” hips and leaked metal into her blood stream, she went blind!! She has had one replaced and can now see, and will have the other done soon along with 6 blood transfusions with no idea the result. She said her “husband left her, she can’t work; this has ruined her life.” I could not help myself…I said, “I know I am not supposed to touch you but I HAVE to pray for you” and I reached over the counter and did. As she continued sharing, I went out of my area, and laid hands on her and prayed again. I HAD to touch her!!!!! I couldn’t help myself. This not touching is so anti our affectionate Lord. I’m with you, I will not be told not to touch 🙏

    • appolus said

      Amen Mary, bless you for following the heart the Lord gave you and may this young woman find peace and health in the name of the Lord Jesus………..bro Frank

  2. lcbrack said

    Amen. Thank you for putting these thoughts to paper. We agree!! Let the Holy Spirit be our guide.

    One night a man on our radio station here in Maine was talking about touch and he said we are asked to not be human. ( he is not a believer) He said someone approached him on the street that day and wanted to shake his hand. His response was an immediate “of coarse and please to meet you”. He said “I refuse to not be human”.

    The world needs our touch in whatever form God tells us to share it.

    The Lord bless and keep you. Mark and Loy Leslie .


    • appolus said

      Amen guys, it is so important that we are available to the Lord and to others for Him………………………bro Frank

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