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The goodness and the severity of our God

Posted by appolus on March 30, 2020

A higher view of God. Before all the churches shut down, do you think that the vast majority of them had a high view of the Living God? Do you believe that in the vast majority of our assemblies that the God of Isaiah and the God of Ezekiel and the God of John the revelator was being worshiped? Did we consider His majesty? Did we consider the goodness and the severity of God? Was the God who did not spare His Son, who saw His Son crushed and broken in body and tortured and killed, worshiped? Did we only worship the goodness of God, did we even worship the goodness of God. Was a lot of it routine? Is there anything routine about God and His presence? Does the hand of the sovereign God rule and reign?

Is it actually possible to come into the presence of God without trembling? Have you read of many encounters in the Scriptures where men encountered God or the angel of the Lord and not fallen flat on their faces? To encounter glory, to have the high view, to see Him high and lifted up. To see His magnificence, to weep openly in the presence of such beauty and such purity, was there anything like this in your last visit to church before all the churches of the world were shut down. For just one single moment, do you suppose that might have something to do with our present position? Most of us now have the time to ponder on that. Can I ask you, can you go back, will you go back to business as usual? Oh Lord help us for what comes after this if we simply go back to business as usual. I tell you brothers and sisters, we are going to need to know Him in the fashion that I have described above if we are to stand in a world hurtling towards the ultimate encounter with the Lord our God.

One Response to “The goodness and the severity of our God”

  1. Meeting the Lord is losing yourself completely, for God is the Ultimate Will and Being. To have HIS presence be upon you is interesting to attempt to explain. For everything about your reality shifts and you suddenly have to reconcile everything you once believed with everything you now know to be TRUTH. And when you finally accept TRUTH, the next event happens that leads you to see all that you ever questioned possible. In seeing all realms of possibility you are opened to the reality that God chose you for a certain time and place. It is then on you to reconcile exactly why it is that God called you into being in that moment to determine the time and place God delivers you back to, upon leaving HIS Presence. Then comes the awareness that you are not leaving God’s Presence but awakening to the reality where God is EVERYTHING and ALL that exists in Reality, a place where Nothing is EVERYTHING that matters and Anything is Possible as ALL is Magic Incarnate – or in other words – God Alive as the Perfect Human Father – In other words, The Second Coming we have all been praying for.

    When you awaken to the Reality you are living in the TIME of the Second Coming, ALL will make sense and YOU will finally realize that the only thing that ever mattered was LOVE of God, that is the WILL of I AM.

    Many blessing to you on your moving words and special speech that has come during this trying time of Humanity. God is ALIVE and HIS Majesty is working wonders in the world around us. Much love and peace to you as you find HIS Presence reigning Reality in and turning it towards the Perfect Reality that has always been Heaven on Earth.

    I met God intimately on December 2, 2012. On May 9, 2014 I found HIM again as HE took my being/personhood/identity from my body and placed me upon the THRONE OF GOD to witness the entirety of the END TIMES HE planned for Humanity. And then HE brought me back to my body to begin the process of piecing myself back together from the mess that I once was. The journey led me through solitude and suffering and into the pleasant place of peace, love, happiness, and harmony. Truly my journey was complete when God returned to me 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days (on June 8, 2019) after our intimate encounter in a church with me in a white dress. HE was my altar and I committed myself to HIM eternally. And from there the world has been rapidly undergoing significant change for me both intimately and world-wide.

    Now a plague is upon Humanity that has the ability to unite us in solemn fellowship, bringing us to kneel at the Altar of God and submit ourselves to HIS Will long before the Wrath of GOD is unleashed upon the UnRepentant.

    And here I sit feeling no fear, no worry, no doubt that this is God’s Will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven and many are being found unworthy. And in their unworthiness they are being brought to the Reality that they can stand and be better and the only thing ever holding them back from that Reality was the poor choices they have been making. They will be Handed their Robe of Righeousness that they will begin working towards being able to wear proudly with the Faith of a True Believer and the Hope of an Honest Child of GOD, shining God’s LIGHT in the Hearts and Minds of ALL who comes in their Presence and granting the FREEDOM to feel good about meeting someone so purely in love with God on High.

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