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What is Corona?

Posted by appolus on March 31, 2020

What is a corona? If we are talking about astronomy, then it is the rarefied gas that surrounds the sun, in other words it is the “glow,” from the sun. Interestingly you can only see it when there is a total eclipse. When the moon completely blocks out the sun, we can then see the glow from the sun without being blinded. In effect, it is the glory of the sun that we can see when the world is plunged into darkness by a total eclipse. If we are talking about anatomy then the corona is the part of the body that resembles a crown.

A virus that shuts down the whole world and it is called Corona? Rather than the sun being hidden so that we can see its “glory,” we now have the world as we know it taken away so that we can see what? The true nature of why we were created that can only be seen when the whole world stops? The life that you led last week before the world stopped, was that really life, was that really living? Can you now see what you could not see before? Do you see your children? Do you see your wife? Do you see their smiles and their needs? Can you now see the glory of God and all that He has created? Your purpose in life was not to get up every day and go to work and everything revolve around that like the planets revolve around the sun.

Can you see that it was a lie, an illusion. “I am doing it for my family.” It is the most common refrain as to why we spend so much time apart from that very family. The rat race. The illusion of a life created that actually replaces the life that was intended. An alternative world. The greatest illusion of them all? A life apart from God. God not being the center of your universe. Somehow He has to be blotted out for you to actually see a glimpse of Hos glory and what is truly important. If you waste this present isolation then that would be tragedy of monumental proportions. Soon enough the world will begin to turn again. What will you do? Business s usual? What a waste that would be. In the shadow of this present darkness, this eclipse of the world we know, many are dying alone. Life is for the living. We work to live, it is merely a means to put bread on the table and a roof over our heads. So many live to work.

Perhaps the world has not been turned upside down, perhaps we have been turned the right way up? Let us look at what lies behind the corona, the center of the universe, the Son of the living God and His glory. Let us take this opportunity and discover who He His and what He really wants from us? He wants to know us and He calls us, He reaches out to His creation, He reminds us who we are and why we were even created. To walk with Him in the cool of the day. As so many children right now are getting an opportunity to really hold their fathers hand and have him present, then we too have an opportunity to hold our Father’s hand and know that this is why we are here at all.

3 Responses to “What is Corona?”

  1. Lisa said

    Bro. Appolus I agree with our busy lives it seems no one had time for each other. Husband and wives no time, children neglected and all for the sake of money. Women taking on roles of the man not raising their children. I really believe with all my heart this is a real issue in the family and part of the problem. People caught up in religion (church) and not getting truth. As I see the buildings shutting down because the true church can’t shut down I see how God is working and seems like trying to humble these church people, but they are very persistent. Going on with their disobedience with online services just to get TITHES and OFFERINGS from people. What will it take to wake people up. I seen this on a church website the other day “HOW TO DO CHURCH ONLINE”. Brother, do you think God is pleased with these men who persist in leading people wrong? I came out of the institution over a year ago and I am so free. Thank you God for delivering me!!. Thank you dear brother for your posts they are very encouraging.

    • appolus said

      Dear sister. Is God well pleased? No, not at all. He has stopped the world in a sense and we have a pregnant pause here. What do we do when the pause ends? I pray that those who had been caught up in the religious systems of “doing church,” will have a chance to be pulled away from the programs and the traditions of men and I believe some will. Will that vast majority go back to business as usual? Tragically, yes. And then comes the next judgement, more intense and severe than the one before. A great sifting if you like and God will continue to sift and in a sense we shall have the separation of the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares and what is left in the established church will be swallowed whole by the great whore church to shortly come and they will become the deadliest enemies of the saints. Yet, the saints will stand strong in the faith sister, even as they are killed all the day long like sheep for the slaughter. And then, He shall come, our Lord Jesus shall come back for His pure and spotless Bride, refined in the fires of afflictions and our momentary trials and afflictions will mean nothing in the light of a glorious eternity……………………bro Frank

  2. Lisa said

    GOD bless you. By the way I’m in North Carolina and this is how I know God’s true people are everywhere and we are on one accord. My pray is that God will draw people out of the institution. I read a great book by Peter At the called: “Come out of her my people” what a great read. Be encouraged my dear brother, hope to meet you in heaven.

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