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Being radically different

Posted by appolus on January 19, 2020

We accept radical behavior in many areas of human endeavor. Why can’t we accept radical behavior in a heart that is panting and longing after God?(A.W.Tozer) Can you see what Tozer is saying? In every area of life, whether it be sports or politics or career or philosophy, being radical, being sold out AND striving, typically brings success and honor. Yet the man or the woman who longs for the heart of God will not receive such honor from the world. Success in the paradoxical world of the Kingdom of God looks nothing like the success of the physical world. In the Kingdom, the greatest man is the servant of all. In the Kingdom the brave man is the man who loves his enemy. The Kingdom man or woman does not know how to make friends and influence people, he or she is simply who he or she is in Christ. Their heartbeat is closely aligned to the heartbeat of God. They move to the rhythm of the Kingdom which is why they are so out of step with the world. They are misfits in the truest sense of that word, they simply do not fit in. In ancient days if a man set out from England to travel the silk road, in every nation, in every town, in every village it would be immediately apparent that he was not from those parts. His speech, his mannerisms, his ways, EVEN his clothing, everything would be different about him. They would know he was a sojourner.

Going deeper into the heart of God is always radical in this world but perfectly normal in the Kingdom. The man or the woman whose hearts pants and longs after God is always a stranger to the world. They are separated by their devotion because their actions are of another world, another Kingdom. Attempts to gain influence in this realm as opposed to the Kingdom of God can only draw us further from God. When the world looks at you, can they see that you are out of step with them? Would they consider you a misfit? Does your speech and your mannerisms and your countenance point to the fact that you are “not from around these parts?” We of the Kingdom are merely passing through, and the world will see our radical love and devotion for God.

4 Responses to “Being radically different”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…….You stepped on a lot of toes with this one. In most churches in America, you can,t tell the diffrence between a Christian and any one else in the world. There is as much divorce, abortion, .greed, and even homosexuality in the American church as there is in the world. One of two things must happen and happen quick brother Frank. Either there must be a radical change in Christian people, or Jesus must come. Without one of those two things happening the church in America is done for… All i can say about this article brother Frank, is AMEN and AMEN. Keep on stepping on toes brother..

    • appolus said

      Dear brother Robert, there is a third way. Persecution. A refiners fire. This will separate the wheat from the tares. An acceptable sacrifice calls down the fire of God. A principle to be observed. If our Lord was hated by all and suffered. Shall we not suffer too? If after three hours of gross darkness the Lord cries out “My God my God why has thou forsaken me,” shall we not suffer from the same gross darkness and test of faith? I believe we shall brother. In Rev 13 :7 we see “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” There will come a time soon when it seems that our enemies has the upper hand and that we are defeated and that all the world hates us. We shall then commit our spirit into the hand of God, we who know and love Him. And when all this world witnesses the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through His suffering servants, then the end shall come when our Lord comes with all His saints in the sky…………………….bro Frank

  2. Duncan Pate said

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  3. Robert Taylor said

    Very well said brother Frank……..I agree with your observation, there is a third way, persecution will get the job done.

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