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Things that are common to the genuine saint #6

Posted by appolus on January 2, 2020

The desire and the joy in prayer. This point is so important. To put it very simply, we love to talk to those we love is that not right? When we are walking with God then talking to God is as natural as breathing. It becomes your constant source of strength and sanity. Yet you must believe that you are actually talking to God, and this is where understanding and having experienced the awareness of God plays such an important part in the saints relationship with God. If you have never experienced the manifest presence of God then quite possibly your prayer life is at best a discipline, like exercise, something that has resistance and must be pushed through. This is quite a bit different from the breathing analogy. Now in everything in the spirit there are seasons, this is not what I am talking about here. There can also be spiritual warfare in the realm of prayer, and there will be, I am not talking about that either, I am simply saying that for the most part, there will be delight in prayer. We know what happens if we stop breathing, we die. If we stop praying then the process of spiritual death has already begun. Our relationship with Jesus begins and ends with prayer. If you have no prayer life then you do not have a relationship with Jesus. You must breathe to live yet you are not consciously aware of having to breathe. It is so important to the body that that it comes as a default in us. The genuine saint is enraptured by prayer for he or she is talking with the one that they love. The grand obsession of their life is ever there before them and they walk through this world hand in hand.

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