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Worthy to be ploughed

Posted by appolus on September 25, 2019

For thus saith the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns Jer 4:3

What would become of seed scattered upon ground not broken up, not tilled, spread among the weeds and the thorns? In the parable of the sower and the seed in Matt 13 Jesus explains that the seed sown among the thorns is the man who hears the word of God but the cares of this world and the pursuit of its riches choke out that word and the seed dies. Fallow ground, fields that have not been broken up and tilled, cannot produce fruits. Only hearts that have been broken, tilled, turned over and made ready can be productive for God.

The average man today who professes to be a Christian, his fields lie untilled and unbroken. He scatters seeds upon it and then wonders why it does not yield a crop. A generation or more of professing Christians have been raised on a steady teaching of cheap grace to be saved and hyper grace to walk in. None of this represents the broken-hearted saints who follow the risen Christ. Who every day arise and take up their cross and follow Him. To take up your cross in this instance it to be ploughed. The heart must be tested, it must be broken, it must yield to the Master’s hand. It must endure suffering and trials. Each furrow in the field is a trial endured by the saint and overcome by the power and the glory of the risen Christ. Into this field, into these furrows the Lord will will scatter seed. And because of the work of the Lord this field will produce fruit.

Saint, do not resist the testings of the Lord. If you desire to be fruitful then you must allow the field of your heart to be broken up, to be ploughed and to be furrowed for the removing of the weeds and the thorns. Let every suffering saint glorify the Lord in the midst of this ploughing knowing that this surrender, this yielding to the hand of God is for the sanctification of his soul and that he may be useful in the Master’s hand. Every true saint wants to produce good fruit. Even nature tells us that there is no other way to produce fruit from a field than for it to be tilled and to be ploughed. Saint, do you wish to be fruitful? Then today, yield and rejoice in the fact that you have been counted worthy to be ploughed.


6 Responses to “Worthy to be ploughed”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..Praise our heavenly Father forever!!! This is the very message that I needed today. I have been ploughed brother. Our Lord had to have laid this message on your heart just for me. There have been times in the last two weeks when I wondered if I was even going to live. Your message your message put everything into perspective. I feel good again, and ready to return to the Lords work. Bless you brother

    • appolus said

      God bless you bro Robert , may you run and not grow weary, may you walk and not faint and may you mount up with eagles wings and the updrafts of the Holy Spirit carries you in His strength and power…………………..bro Frank

  2. arnie23 said

    Hello and Good morning in the Lord. I have been following you for quite a while, and I Love your posts and am always encouraged by them. May I have permission to use your writings or parts, as I try to instill these words of Truth into peoples Hearts, springing them into Action!!! I Am doing this thru a organization called Heal and I have opened a web site called Heal now!!! That I would Love for you to visit and look and read some of my posts. I am 60 years old and travelled down many roads looking for Truth only to find dead ends. The Lord has been with me thru all these travels knocking me down and teaching me along the way. My parents were of the Jehovah Witness organization which I rebelled at 14 years old. Then at about 21 got married and returned to the organization once again. I was not idle and moved up to the point of them asking me to be a ministerial student. I was dead inside though and I knew it, this is when my wife one day got up and said. I love you, you have always been good to me and the kids, but I am taking the kids and leaving. Devastated back to a rebel this time much worse. Now about 7 years later my ex-wife passed from a massive heart attack in the night which was a massive shock. They (her side family) had decided that I was no good and the insurance money would go to the new husband. Needless to say he got 50,000 i got 2 kids 10 and 13 year old’s in the middle of a biker world. So I hung up my jacket and went to church. (Evangelical free) I met some wonderful people. The first day I asked my children to attend with me *Nora* a star of a lady, walks over to my daughter and gives her the biggest hug. Now Amber, my daughter was very distant, a red head with black tips in her hair black cloths, all Nora saw was a beautiful soul. Right then she did not wait or think about it Nora jumped to action, can I send you to summer camp, the choice was already made. I was struggling at the time, but Nora took that pressure off, Thank you Lord for sending me *Nora* a star amongst stars. As work slowed in the Vancouver area a opportunity presented itself in Canmore Alberta. In Canmore my children and I started attending the Associated fellowship church, Now over a period of about seven years I was asked to be a elder. I was looking after boys I think 10 -13 years old, which is ironic, as I said, man I am glad those years are over with raising my son. The Lord has a great sense of humor, and knows what we need and gives it to us, but we most times reject it because it is not what we want at the time, but the only way of getting what we want is by giving the Lord what he wants. What does he want, Love and unity amongst his people, amongst those that Love him first and put his will and purposes into action. That is why this program will draw them together leaving no excuses for the laziness. I was at a men’s retreat and everyone went Golfing I stayed behind as one fellow was a little worried about our stuff. Great time to spend with the Lord, the Lord always gives us what we ask, and I ask him to deepen my Love and understand more of his desires and will and purposes. Now I understand be careful what you ask for or promise, the Lord is faithful to all his promises and he expects the same from us. Now the Lord showed me this thru a women and the church I was attending, he basically said want to know how I feel, I will deepen your love greatly, but you will not be Loved back, you will not be respected. Although it appeared everyone respected me, but they also thought I was a fool, so took much advantage of me. It is such a sad thing when you Love someone and give them your Love unconditionally, and they look at that Love as stupidity and take advantage, instead of embracing it and returning it, and there is nothing you can do, but shake your head and move on. Now after about 7 years this world just keeps going round and round and round do the same thing over and over and over you think we should be able to figure it out. The only way, is working with the earth and growing together, not trying to run ahead of Gods plan. Everyone and I mean everyone must do there part to form a unbreakable bond of Love that will just smother Satan and his lies. You know and I know this is not new news, so I am asking you as a brother in the Lord to please look at this program that the Lord has put into my hands to help mankind turn back to him. Yes it is networking how else can we communicate so quickly, we need to load this up and drop it on the world, so that we may become one world united with one Lord and saviour that showed us the way and now sits at the right hand of the father. Now I know you do not know me, I really Am a rebel with a cause, that cause is to unite the world in such a way that it just can not say no, it is do or die time the responsibility is on you and me and every individual that can turn a clog in there brain, it is time to start looking after the widows, orphans and the poor and bring rest to the workers. I approach you as you are a man of great influence, understanding and wisdom may the Lord Bless your efforts as we unite together preparing for the day when we will sit together and share a meal. You have no need to join thru me perhaps there is some one else you prefer or connect better with, that is ok with me as this is about growing the Lords will, not mine we must unite!!! Together we stand divided we fall. Satan divided the church with stupid little rules and the mentality that I am better than you, a stage 3 system you end up with people on the top and people on the bottom, kind of a see how many heads I can step on system. Until we understand that, all are equal, you are me and I am you, and treat each other accordingly “Treat your neighbor as yourself” (a stage four system) we will forever remain in hell on our Earth. It is funny I have been in and out of so many church’s and met some very wonderful sincere people. So why do they slander their brothers, the time has come judgement is at hand the Lord is leading the way to him be the Glory the Power and the Honor forever and ever Amen. https://DiscoverHeal.com/TIMESTAMP/?u=162

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  3. Sue Love said


  4. Linde Townsend said

    Thank you so much brother Frank! I so needed that encouragement and reminder!
    In Him and through Him, Linde

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