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Confronting the nominal

Posted by appolus on August 27, 2019

When the spiritual stands to confront the merely formal, traditional, nominal and “natural,” then there is going to be trouble. This is not now merely the reaction from the world: it is the reaction from religion. I would go further, and say it may be the reaction from Christianity. There is a very great difference between formal, traditional, nominal, “natural” Christianity, on the one side, and spiritual Christianity, on the other; a great deal of difference. So much so, that this also becomes a battlefield – the battlefield of a lot of trouble.

Leave formalism alone, and everything will go on quite quietly. Leave traditionalism alone – that is, the set order of things as it has always been; that framework of things as it has been constituted and set up and established by man; that Christianity which is the fixed, accepted system of things – and you will escape a great deal of trouble. But seek to bring in a truly spiritual order of things, and trouble arises at once. And YOU are the trouble maker! The truth is that the trouble lies in the existing condition, the situation, the state; but it is only brought out by your action.

And so spiritual men and women, and spiritual ministry, are called “trouble makers,” because the two things cannot go on together. That is where Israel was. They had the traditions, they had the oracles, they had the ordinances, they had the testimonies; they had the forms, they had the system – they had it all; but, in the days of the prophets, there was ever this vast gap between the “externals” and “internals” of life in relation with God. The heart is far removed from the lips. The spiritual reality is not found in the formal. You may have it all – but then bring in the truly spiritual meaning of things, and trouble begins in that very realm. It is the trouble which arises when what is external and traditional comes into conflict with something which is truly spiritual……T.A.Sparks

Brother Sparks has identified an eternal truth. There is enmity between the flesh and the spirit. Can the two co-exist? No, one must die. It is often a slow tortured death, but death nonetheless. We cannot serve two masters, Jesus identified this truth for us. We are told that we shall love the one and hate the other. This word hate is the Biblical word for prefer. People take comfort in the fact that they do not hate “the other.” No, but they prefer the formal, the traditional, the nominal. In the end, we can only worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Take away Spirit and Truth and you are left with an argument about where you should worship. It is not where we should worship, it is how we should worship. In Spirit and in Truth. The flesh, represented by the formal, the traditional the nominal and the natural is the deadliest enemy of the Spirit and the Truth.

3 Responses to “Confronting the nominal”

  1. Rebecca said

    I listened to and my heart took part in the prayer meeting with yourself and Brian Long … along with others. My hearts cry is for revived true living stones … I hear The Father’s cry in my spirit. He does not want any to perish but so many have deaf ears and hard hearts. Sunday go to meeting with parking lots full and yet I have only one lady friend who desires to study with me … ‘busy’ keeps others away. Oh I cry out for not this nation but the ‘church’ who are heading directly into a not so hidden iceberg just beneath the surface. I see it and I have tried to warn but I am looked at strangely. I now am thinking about how His Spirit said, “There is no repairer of the breech.” My prayer is for any breech in my own heart to be repaired … for any sin to come to surface so I can repent … and I pray for my brothers and sisters who are called daily to offer up their very lives in the middle east. They hurt and are praying for the American church. I am praying for the shepherds who are blind leading themselves and others down a perverted path. Oh I pray for a shaking …

    • appolus said

      I fear dear sister that the it will take the greatest shaking of all time to bring out the saints from among the dead. I have a friend who works in an industry that he is overqualified for. Why does he not leave? He likes to be a big fish in a little pond. Men like the best seats at the table, they like to be called “teacher,” they love to say loud prayers for all to hear and make broad the borders of their garments. There is no place for that in the genuine Body of Christ, it is truly a royal priesthood……………………bro Frank

      • Rebecca said

        Yes but I cry for those that are so blinded but their own lusts … I think of Cain who was told “If you do right you will be accepted” … He then made the choice. I think of the power held in my hands when I study to be led by His Holy Spirit through this wonderful love letter … there is indeed a famine going on. If only they could taste the living water … if only they could eat the provision of His daily bread. My fear is many will wait until it is too late … but some will cry out and be saved … My prayer is that GOD The Father continues to draw … the glory of God leaving in Ezekiel is the most devastating scripture and as I look at the American church I fear it has already taken place. So I also pray that the remnant be strong and courageous … the greatest hour of testing is almost at hand. Many will be called to stand alone … now is the time to prepare.

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