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Two men but only one true God

Posted by appolus on August 29, 2019

I want to contrast two men from the Scriptures. First, the Roman centurion from Matthew chapter eight and secondly, Diotrephes whom John speaks of in 3 John verse nine. Look and see the Roman centurion. We are told that Jesus marveled at his faith, in fact we are told that according to Jesus there was no greater faith in all of Israel. Imagine that, God Himself marvels at your faith. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? The centurion gets it, he understand what authority is. He himself is under authority, but in the presence of God he knows that Jesus has all authority, whether it is over the wind or the rain or storms or even life or death, the centurion gets that and bows to that. He acknowledges that he is not worthy, and specifically not worthy to have Jesus come under his roof. He knows that the one to whom he is speaking to is preeminent and with just a word Jesus can heal his servant. Jesus is blown away with this man who is humble and contrite. The centurion will be known for all time because he is memorialized by Jesus Himself in the Word of God. What a beautiful thing.

Now, contrast that with Diotrephes. John the beloved writes of him as one who loves the preeminence. This could very well be the start of the one man system. A man elevates himself in importance and refuses to entertain the apostle John. Imagine telling John that he was not welcome among them because he wanted the limelight for himself, he wanted the preeminence. In this letter John starts out referring to himself as an elder. He does not elevate his status. True men of God do not elevate their status, they never seek the preeminence. Men who seek to build their own kingdoms are enemies to any man who would humble themselves before men and who elevate Jesus. The centurion remains nameless to men but known of God as one who has possibly the greatest faith in all of Israel. The centurion’s reward would come by the fact that his servant was healed, but his reward would also come in the world to come. Diotrephes undoubtedly wanted to make a name for himself, he wanted to be known by men. Well, he certainly got that wish just not in the way that he imagined. For sure God knows the heart of men. Jesus says that many who are first shall be last and again a few paragraphs later the Lord repeats Himself in order to show the importance of what He is saying “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” Mat 20:16 Many are called brothers and sisters, but few are the remnant saints of God. When a man’s name is elevated, he surely8 finds himself on dangerous grounds for the Lord our God is a jealous God and He will have no other before Him.

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