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There is life in the rushing waters.

Posted by appolus on August 28, 2018

It is a strange paradox that we Christians must find Jesus but keep on seeking Him. We must find forgiveness but keep on seeking to forgive. We must find mercy but keep seeking to be merciful. We must read His word but continue to abide in His word. We must find life in Him yet continue to seek life in Him. Like a rushing spring time river we must be ever flowing. And the source of the waters of that river is the Lord Himself. And when we do these things, when we abide and when we pursue, when we keep abiding and keep pursuing then the river keeps flowing and everything the river touches brings life. Rushing waters bring life and in stagnant waters there is death. Will you live today and will that life that is in you bring life to others around you? This is the will of God. The Lords saints are His evergreen trees.

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