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The legacy that we leave behind

Posted by appolus on September 1, 2018

I have watched the two funerals in America this week, one a music star, the other a sailor and a politician. I was filled with a great sadness. Not the sadness of mourning, although I did feel for the families. Having lost dear loved ones myself I know the pain of that loss. No, I felt a deep sadness at the worldliness of it all and how it had little or anything to do with the Lord.

The world certainly celebrates its own. I heard very moving words from a daughter about how her father had raised her, but I also heard bitterness and biting anger. When we look to legacy, we can often find it in our children. It is not important what material possessions we leave behind, nor is it important the titles we leave behind, what is truly important is what we leave behind in the hearts of our children and our childrens children.

We can do many things very well but if we leave behind a legacy of bitterness, if we leave behind the seeds of anger and revenge, we have left behind the seeds of destruction for those who carry it. There is a remedy for those who carry such a seed and if that remedy is realized, then when we come to pass ourselves you will hear them speak not so much of us at our funerals, but of the one who released us from our chains.

The mark of a life well lived is to hear the name of Jesus lifted up at our own funerals. What we leave behind is the world and all its ways. Oh how it loves its own. Yet what we journey on to is the Kingdom of God and eternity and all that matters in the end is just that Kingdom and how we served it here and now, now how we served a self serving world.

6 Responses to “The legacy that we leave behind”

  1. EndTimes said

    “The mark of a life well lived is to hear the name of Jesus lifted up at our own funerals.”

    This is so true bro Frank and I would even say this: if we say we are disciples of Jesus Christ in this life and the people can’t relate us to Christ as much as they relate Aretha Franklin to music, then there must be something wrong with our behavior and our works which are our primary testimony. If our neighbors, friends and acquaintances cannot relate us to Christ now, it is very unlikely that they will at our funerals, eventually

  2. Rebecca said

    In all things we are to give glory to God … I recently thought how His Holy Spirit told me to prepare to meet the Lord … in that thought I decided to write my own eulogy … I gave this to my son and my best friend … just recently I was made known who to give the message when the time comes. Just imagine as the family and friends are sitting there hearing the gospel … hearing about Simeon except the message is how we are waiting too but not for the servant Messiah … we are waiting for the KING of kings. Hearts are tender … and my prayer is the Spirit will woo those who are listening in a tender way. I pray that even then the devil’s scheme will be pushed back and even if only one is added to the Kingdom of God that day the angels will add to the singing in glory … won’t it be a wonderful day when we meet Jesus face to face!

    • appolus said

      Amen Rebecca, what a wonderful day indeed, my heart often aches and longs for the day when we leave this old world behind and be with the Lord in all His glory for all of eternity…………………bro Frank

  3. David C Brown said

    “The mark of a life well lived is to hear the name of Jesus lifted up at our own funerals” is certainly a striking challenge, I have been to numerous funerals this year, and His has been good to have the living word of God spoken at each.

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