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Can that which has never lived be revived?

Posted by appolus on September 10, 2018

I believe there is a time to preach revival, and I believe there is a time to declare that the cup of the Lord’s wrath shall be poured put, yes even beginning with the church. Many men today preach revival and it is no better than preaching “peace,peace,” where there is no peace. We are a nation and a people marked for judgment and this will and has begun in the house of the Lord. We have no true power in our meetings and the Lord Himself is not preeminent, that in itself is worthy of judgment. Yet we soothe the hearers soul as we tell them that surely revival will come, and the people are comforted with this. The word revival itself is lifted up and men are dedicated to its cause yet we know that unless we lift up the name of Jesus then men shall not be drawn to God.

We are told about a generation in Romans chapter 1 that is given over to blindness. A generation that hold the truth in unrighteousness. Not the wicked who reject righteousness as wicked men and nations always have, but a wicked generation who hold the truth in unrighteousness. A generation that is handed over to blindness, a generation that labors under a great delusion. Can I put it to you brothers and sisters, we are that generation and the wrath of God has come upon us and the evidence of that wrath is all around us. Who can see it? Yet we still have “men of God,” crying peace, peace when God has a controversy with us.

In Galatians chapter one, Paul is amazed that the Galatians are so soon removed from the truth that they had learned, the full Gospel. They were now trying to finish in the flesh that which was begun in the Spirit. He cries out “Oh foolish Galatians, who has bewtiched you!” Wow, what a strong charge against them from the eminent Apostle. He tells them that they are in defiance of the truth. And all this predicated upon Peter and Barnabas playing the hypocrite in front of religious men come down from Jerusalem. They were acting one way when they were with the gentiles, and another when they were around these men. They had a fear of these men and this constrained them.

I know good men, baptized in the Holy Spirit and by His power, who by their actions and fellowship deny the power of the Holy Spirit when they are around men who deny the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet Paul, in front of them all, rebuked Peter publicly. Not for an hour would he indulge himself in such hypocrisy. If men deny the power of the Holy Spirit then we who are baptized in the Holy Spirit cannot in good conscience act the hypocrite with these men. It is one thing to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and need reviving, it is quite another when men reject the very notion of such a baptism and power. Can that which has never lived be revived? To hold the truth in such unrighteousness is to drink fully from the cup of His wrath. There is no greater judgment on this earth than to be judged with blindness and given over to delusion.

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