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The stumbling block to revival

Posted by appolus on March 29, 2018

The stumbling block to revival……….
we are. The Lord is to be found in simplicity, but we are too sophisticated for that. We want to be the means of Him coming so that we can claim the glory. The Lord shares His glory with no one. The phrase that comes to mind is ” all is vanity.” I have seen vainglorious men, I have been one for much of my walk with the Lord. It stinks. It is most often times wrapped up in virtue which is like a dead skunk being sprayed by a live skunk, it only adds to the smell. The sad thing is that it is not conducted by bad men but partially sighted men. They create certain standards for so-called revival, principals if you like, that way they can lay claim to it if it were ever to happen, it will not, not under those circumstances.

One day, somewhere obscure, some young woman will stand up and spontaneously begin to sing and praise the Lord and His Spirit will fall like Niagara. One day an unknown man will stand up and cry out how much he loves Jesus and the heavens will rend and a great deluge will fall and God will be glorified in the midst of it all. And when it is all over, men will write about it and tell you they were there, as if their presence somehow precipitated the event. And God will recede and men will build their ministries and reputations and there will be nothing new under the sun.

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