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Clouds of darkness surround Him

Posted by appolus on January 3, 2018

Have you ever been out in a dark and stormy night? There is no moon and the sky is full of dark clouds. It is quite ominous. Then all of a sudden lightning shatters the darkness and illuminates the night sky. All of a sudden the landscape is lit up and you can see the edges of the clouds as they clash together. Suddenly you have your bearings and even when the light recedes you know something of where you are. In Psalm 97 we are told that clouds and thick darkness surround him;righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Outside of the baptism of the Holy Spirit there is darkness and all we can see is filtered through the wisdom of man who in the light of God is like the darkest night. When our minds are illuminated by the light of the Holy Spirit then we can truly see His righteousness, we can exercise His justice and we can see not only the throne of God but the foundations of that throne. Someone whose heart and mind has not been illuminated by the Holy Spirit could read the Bible every day of their lives and still never be able to penetrate the hidden depth and riches that it contains. Only when the lightening flashes is the darkness penetrated. Outside of the light of God men merely stumble around and inevitably fall into a ditch and draw others into the same ditch. The question then becomes “have you been struck by lightning?”

2 Responses to “Clouds of darkness surround Him”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……..I just got back from a trip into the field. I intend to get caught up on your articles for the past couple of weeks, but I want to make a quick comment on this one. You got it exactly right brother. You will get in trouble in a lot of these so called fundamental churches with a remark like that but none the less it is right. Without the illumination of the Holy Spirit, that bible is just another book. I have attended hundreds of so called “revivals” in the last 43 years, and I have never seen a genuine heaven sent Holy Ghost revival I have seen much emotion and dancing in the fire of a motivational speaker that they have brought in for their event. Whenever the real Ho;y Spirit shows up at one of their so called “revivals” they won,t be dancing and laughing, I promise you they will be on their faces weeping and crying and repenting of their sins. More than anything else, the churches all over the USA, needs a heaven sent Holy Spirit revival. Good article brother Frank. I will try to catch up on your other articles soon.

    • appolus said

      Amen dear brother. When the holy heaviness of the presence of God falls then hardly a head is lifted, barely a voice shall speak, perhaps the faint noises of someone weeping or magnifying Him, but they would be faint because who would dare distract others from His Holy presence? Some hearts will be overflowing with thankfulness, some mightily convicted of some besetting sin, other hearts overflowing with the beauty of His holiness. He is all things to all men and His majesty and glory fills the hearts, raises the hands and lowers the heads of all who experience His aweful presence………….bro Frank

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