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When I look up!

Posted by appolus on January 2, 2018

Brothers and sisters, when I look up to the cross I see humility. I see my Lord humbled and naked for the whole world to see. Nothing hidden. When I look up to the cross I see justice. I see sin condemned. Oh brothers and sisters when I look up to the cross I see mercy, . mercy for me. I do not see my own condemnation, I see my Jesus condemned and rejected by the world, willingly taking my place.There is therefore, now no condemnation, because He took my condemnation, to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.

Oh what a glorious freedom. Free indeed. Free indeed to stand and fight. To battle even unto death, with my fellow freed men. I pray today that those whom the Son has set free will catch a glimpse of who they are in Christ. Royal priests in a royal priesthood. Children of the living God. Loved and redeemed and reconciled and called to walk in the beauty of holiness. That the world may know that Jesus was sent by the Father. That the world may know that we are made perfect in One and that God sent His only Son because He loves His children just as He loves His Son. That the world may see something of the glory of God which was given to Jesus and which He has given to us. Rise up and shine today saints of God, rise up and shine, for you are loved so much. How much? Look up to the cross!

Run from those who would tell you that you are simply a mere sinner saved by grace. Run from those who only ever talk about sin. Run from those who have a ministry of condemnation. Run to Jesus. Understand and know that you are a soldier in the army of the Lord. Understand and know that you are the beloved of God. Understand and know that you are the apple of His eye. How do I know He loves you like this? Look up to the cross. Look up to where your burden was rolled away. Look up to where you first saw the light. Look up to the glories of heaven and in that place, before His throne, your sin is dealt with as you confess them before your Father. Those who would focus on your sin continually are keeping theirs and your eyes on the sin and it will keep you from the throne of grace. If we look at ourselves and keep our eyes there then we shall never overcome. If we listen to those who tell us that we have no sin to deal with, that it has all been dealt with, past, present and future, then we shall never overcome nor come before the throne of grace. We overcome in the presence of God, we cannot come into the presence of God if our eyes are focused on our sin, our eyes must look up to the cross. When we look up at the cross then we are humbled, and when we are humbled we have been made ready to come before the Lord with a contrite heart. In that place and in that place alone are we forgiven and strengthened and filled with unspeakable joy, the joy of the Lord, and in this we become strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

3 Responses to “When I look up!”

  1. Dick said

    You must have written this post with me in mind! Condemnation has probably been my greatest struggle, a daily battle for years. Of course I’ve given the enemy many openings because of a selfish life that has broken the hearts of so many; good parents, friends and associates. Missed opportunities, failed relationships, regret, shame for all those I’ve hurt. Truly, I am responsible, no excuses. Your post here once again reminds me that all that condemnation was placed on Jesus at the cross—- I needed to hear that, again. As you know living in condemnation pushes my awareness of God’s love for me into the background leaving me little love to share with others. Toxic junk this condemnation! By the way, I want you to know that I look forward to whatever you post on this Site as it has been such an encouragement to me— in so many ways I see you as a mentor— keep on keeping on brother— the Body needs your heart, your voice, your love, your steadfastness, your exhorting of the saints in this hour. Blessings to you Frank—

    • appolus said

      Bro Dick, I am very encouraged by your reply, God bless you. I want you to think about the garden and when the Lord came in the cool of the day. He was looking for His children and they were hiding from Him because of their sin. The glorious truth about the New Covenant is that we do not have to hide any longer, it is not that we do not sin any more, it is now we have an advocate in heaven’s throne room. So I just want to encourage you Dick. Before the sun sets on this day, get down on your knees and shut your eyes and come before the throne of grace and in the open confession of your sins there you will find mercy. We understand as earthly parents that when our children, young or old, come to us and ask our forgiveness, we are glad to give it. So much more our heavenly Father. Let yourself be touched by His love brother and that impartation will be living waters poured into your heart, overflowing so that you may share that with others. In the name of Jesus may that life flow into you this very day and may that old accuser of the brethren be bound and his mouth be silenced in your ear. …………………bro Frank

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