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Be the light

Posted by appolus on November 5, 2017

Despite walking through the various valleys of life, including the shadow of death, He leads us besides still waters and He compels us to lie down in rich pastures, being fed and living life where others starve and die. While many cry out to God to take their cup from them, gethsemane shows us the way of righteousness and embracing God’s will and directions in our lives by drinking fully the cup. It is our light that overcomes the darkness . So many people cry out to God to remove the darkness, yet the answer, the solution already exists within us, Christ in us, the hope of glory, the light of the world. Let your light shine today, be that city on the hill for oftentimes we never know that the man or woman standing next to us is being consumed by the darkness.

2 Responses to “Be the light”

  1. Rebecca said

    I have been amazed at how Jesus has been leading me through a dark place …. my husband has left me for a woman he had been seeing for 15 months. When I discovered her I was able to witness to her … I confronted him and prayed we could work through this but he is in a snare by the spirit of lust. He abandoned me on this farm and is living openinly with her in our small Ozark town.
    Most of the time now I have been able to have a peace that makes no sense … when I feel a cloud of oppression trying to over power me I fall on my face before the Lord. God has sent people I hardly know to pray with me … help me … comfort me. The Holy Spirit gave me a line to a song: ‘Roses will bloom again don’t mourn what might have been… roses will bloom again only God knows how and when. He also said “this is temporary.”
    I am writing to say this is a common occurrence … Satan is cunning and as Christ followers we must remain ever alert. I now see different circumstances that have happened which his intent was to dismantle my faith. I am thankful God has given me insight to see this. I am broken but not in my faith. I am trusting God … He told me “pick up your cross.” We will all have crosses that seem to hard to bear but just like the man from Cyrus who came along and helped carry Christ’s cross … God will send ambassadors of hope to help carry the load when it becomes to heavy to bear. I praise the Lord and cling to Him. He is all things … hope love mercy grace … I am thankful.

    • appolus said

      Dear sister, God bless you as you walk through this. The Lord knows well the feelings of rejection and betrayal, I think of Hosea. I do indeed believe that the enemy is after your witness, your soul, your sanity but in Christ he shall not have any of that. This very thing happened to my mum when I was a child and I was able to witness the power of a God who cares and holds us and who keeps us. My prayers are with you Rebecca, dear sister in Christ……………bro Frank

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