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A generation of prophets arise

Posted by appolus on September 12, 2017

I have met so many people who think the church is just fine and everything is the way it has always been and anyone who says anything different is generally castigated. There is a sizable remnant who do see it and I thank God for them. They are, of course, rejected and generally hated because they are in effect, party poopers. They don’t go along with the flow, they disrupt the flow, like a large stone in a flowing river, they cause turbulence and turbulence is uncomfortable and folks don’t want to be uncomfortable. They are for the most part sleeping and they do not want to be woken up. And this remnant are constantly shouting ” wake up you sleepy Christians, wake up, Christ is at the door and the bride must make herself ready to receive her King.”

How many of us can relate to lying in bed, warm, comfortable and cozy. Its winter outside and you are wrapped up in your bed. Then the alarm goes of. Who likes the alarm? It compels us to arise, get up! It is not a pleasant noise, in fact it is designed to be a most unpleasant noise. If it were pleasant we would simply roll over and go back to sleep. The rising remnant of God are His alarm. He is sounding His warning that the time is short. The message is hated. Generations of movements such as the prosperity gospel and the word of faith movement have seeped into Christendom like a contagion. A cancerous contagion that has infected us. The dream of many in the very early church was that they would be counted worthy of martyrdom for the sake of Jesus. How far we have fallen. This notion would almost always be rejected out of hand in our day. False prophets ply their trade in churches across the globe. They come and tell folks that this coming year will be better than the last, God has great things in store for you and breakthroughs will be yours. Now, you can add to that general theme, but it is always some variation of it..

The true prophet of God does not arise to tell folks things they want to hear, the very opposite is true. The prophets of God will always be rejected and despised. God is, in these last day, raising up a generation of prophets. Men and women who can see clearly the true state of things. They see that Jesus is on the horizon and it is a fire that burns in them. They see the approach of gross darkness prior to His return and they sound the alarm. They run from camp to camp and compel people to make sure they have their armor on, because they are going to need it. In most camps they find rejection, because even although it is written, they do not “see,” and they do not see it because they do not want to see it. If you see it, I want to encourage you today. God sees that you see. Yes you are misunderstood but that is part of the price. You find yourself isolated? Another part of the calling. You march to the beat of a different drummer? You speak of things the Lord has “shown,” you and people look at you like you are an alien? Then my friend and brother and sister in Christ you are on the path that the Lord has called you to. It is of course a calling. No one fully volunteers to be unpopular and to be hated and despised and rejected even and especially within their own communities.

The remnant of God are the broken of God. He breaks them by His own hand. Yet He does it in cooperation with His children. It can be traced back to a prayer that might have went something like this. “Oh God please use me, whatever it takes for me to be useful to you, so be it Lord.” Now, when you prayed that prayer you knew you touched heavens throne. What you did not fully realize was just how brutal the breaking would be. What you discovered in the midst of it was that despite the pain of it all God was faithful. You may have had long periods where you cried out “My God my God why has thou forsaken me,” but always in your heart of hearts you knew He was right there and He was your very sanity. You knew that no matter the circumstance or seemingly never-ending series of circumstances that He was shaping you, refining you, cleansing you. You were inevitably heading towards that place Paul found himself in when he said that he had learned to be content in ever situation. He had known what it was to abound in the things of life but he now knew what it was to be abased and still praise God. He knew how to have a full stomach and praise God and he knew how to be hungry and praise God. These are things that he learned, these are the lesson of God. At the start of that chapter in Philippians Paul starts out, and this is the point of the chapter to “stand fast in the Lord.” To the remnant saint who is reading this I say stand fast in the Lord. You are no alone, you are loved and you are called.

5 Responses to “A generation of prophets arise”

  1. exposeevil said

    Reblogged this on Light In The Darkness.

  2. David Jantzi said

    I am with you, Frank. I read your post on Sermonindex and realized that we share a lot in common. As one who is part of a Mennonite group, I believe I see the Hand of God beginning a new work within the young generation of our people – yet my age peers seem to be oblivious to what is really taking place. As a layperson, I am trying as I can to mentor these dear younger people to seek a dynamic relationship with the Living God which involves truly knowing Him as a Father Who desires an intimate relationship with His dear children. Those over forty five years of age have a frightening contentment with “correct theology, tradition, etc and my concerns that we have failed in our religiousness to truly know Him and walk with Him is like one speaking in an unknown tongue. I know that I am Christ’s bondservant and His approval is enough. God graciously began tearing me away from “religion” to begin to know Him as my “Dad” forty years ago and I believe He was preparing me to minister to a coming generation. The two of us are serving Him in a different environment and I would welcome hearing from you. I am “beekpr” on Sermonindex.

    • appolus said

      Amen David. Theology and tradition alone will not bring you life. The Lord is ever present and His blessing and life are new every morning. Our relationship with Him is dynamic and always moving, like a river. Yet, too often we become stagnant pools along the way and there is no life in stagnant pools, it has to be moving forward. There has to be dynamic revelation of truth. That is why the Word is alive, we are not merely resting upon those who came before us and the inspiration that they had, we have our own inspiration through the Holy Spirit and He shows us the Truth and it is alive. It is never second hand information, it is always fresh because it is delivered to us by life itself…………bro Frank

  3. Melanie Autrey said

    This is such a blessing!

  4. Anita M Austin said

    Mark — you are right on and on time once again. This is such a poignant message to the remnant for encouragement as well as direction, to “keep on with their keeping on” You know my cry and once at my kitchen table you encouraged me exactly the same, it is a lonely place in the body of Christ….I have tried to do this and I can almost feel the hand of our Lord reaching out to touch the inner door knob. But there is so much yet to do to sound our alarms and bugles to try to call others to a higher calling. I have held on — to that word and do the best I can to alert others of His coming for a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. I try to explain to them Rev 12 that that neuter child is close to being birthed, but are we ready? I think where there is always a remnant, in the wider scope of things it is pathetic. Such as continually looking for stars activities instead of looking at their garment. I wrote you once of those doing this star gazing, yet omit the preaching get your walk right, & are you ready? And nothing changes here we are with another one on the 23rd. When will the sheep figure it out?

    I have spent the better part of my years of walking with the Lord, interceding for the state of His church, His leaders and where I can easily say. What good has it done? Yet if those of us [called to this ministry], had failed to do His will in this, where would we be?

    I have a testimony I wrote up from 2 years ago I will call for lack of a better title “Yes, Lord, I will be your Yes-man”. (ambassador or liaison) I will send it to your email. But I feel — at least for me– this is where we should all be — at a bare minimum. I knew if I said yes to this call I would be tested and I sure have. But I am so much better off for it. I am not fully there but lots closer than 2 years ago. I once told Him, “This has been hard BUT I know if you are in it and you chose this Holy War in me, it is surely to come to pass” and praise the Lord I will be a victor in yet another area! I do not know if you have the time to read it, but it was life changing for me after feeling His heart for the average believer, when He asks of us….and how we fail and have all the excuses, and how we hurt His heart.
    I said all this to say we have missed seeing you in Alamogordo but it is good to see you are still saying Yes to Him and been busy in the “war torn vineyard”.

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