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The seasons of our life

Posted by appolus on September 10, 2017

The seasons of God are good and there is a time for weeping and mourning. Yet, if that is all that we have, if we live forever in a perpetual winter of weeping and mourning, then nothing will ever grow. We will not grow in the knowledge of God. Yes, there is conviction in the presence of God. There is a time to rend our clothes and throw dust on our heads, yet if this one season becomes the whole then we render ourselves weak and ineffectual. Our real strength comes in the Joy of the Lord. If we cannot put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness then we will not stand in the evil day. We will be overcome by trial and tribulation and persecution.

To be able to break through into peace and joy in the midst of our circumstances is truly the sign of a victorious saint. Now, that is not to say that we shall not weep and those who preach that no saint will be touched by trial and suffering are mere charlatans. Consider David before he became king. Upon return to Ziklag, the city where he was staying, he and his band of rejected men discovered that the town had been sacked and all their wives and children were gone. Everything lost. It was perhaps the lowest point of David’s life. It is said in the Scriptures that he wept until there were no more tears to weep and now even his band of men turned on him.

Can you relate? Have you experienced times in your life, or perhaps even right now, where everything has gone wrong? You have suffered loss, one trial seems to follow another as if they were waves of the sea threatening to overcome and drown you. I want to encourage you, you will not drown. You are not abandoned. It may be dark but the morning is coming. ” But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” Be encouraged today saint. The Lord your God is with you. You will prevail and overcome. Stand and you will see that this time, this season will pass and the ashes of your present situation will one day be beautiful and you will be able to say with Paul that you have learned to be content in every circumstance because you will know that the Lord your God was with you in the Fire.

2 Responses to “The seasons of our life”

  1. Fiona Burky said

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, it certainly was timely for me. I have several bad medical conditions that I deal with daily, and it does feel at times that there will be no end. If it wasn’t for the lord don’t think I’d be holding up so well. But you know I find that when I’m not doing well and back in bed that’s when he gives the words I’m to write on my latest blog chapter re. Gurnall’s book, which is definitely a challenge as I’m certainly not anointed anoint he was. . At that moment I’m happy I’m down and out because He has me write things that in a normal, healthy state would stop the flow of the spirit working through me. I’m actually glad to be able to say with Paul that when I’m not doing well God is able to work through me with less of my flesh hindering Him. Thanks again for the encouragement 🙂

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank……….We have been out in the field for awhile. We had a good and fruitful trip delivering bibles and other literature to churches far to the north of us here. I see you have written 4 thought provoking articles, and I will take the opportunity to comment on this one. You asked the question at the beginning of the last paragraph, “Can you relate”. I think probably all of Gods people can relate to adversity in their lives at one time or another, with some of us adversity is a constant companion in our Christian walk. Let me tell you what me and my wife had to go through this past week. 3 or 4 days ago, my son Caleb and one of his friends was out jogging early in the morning as was their custom, and two members of the cartel armed with knives and a gun grabbed them. They took their cell phones and wallets, and while the two men were somewhat distracted with their loot, Caleb and his friend broke and ran. They ran to the police station which was not very far away, and the police brought them home. This incident was beyond frightening to me and my wife. But praise our Heavenly father forever we got our boy back. The work will go on brother Frank. Our work is not done yet. So, yes, adversity is a way of life for some of gods people. But praise his Name forever, his grace is greater than anything we will ever face……..Robert

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