A Call To The Remnant

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Posted by appolus on September 11, 2016

One of the candidates used the word “irredeemable,” this week to describe countless millions of Americans. The definition of the word irredeemable is “being beyond remedy, hopeless.” I want to tell you that this statement pronounced on millions of human being comes from the darkest side of our human nature. I want to warn folks to remember the lessons of history. Once a class or a group of people are branded as irredeemable, beyond hope or remedy, then bad things typically happen to that group as a consequence. Black people in this country were once considered less than human, two thirds human. We know well of the terrible carnage released in regard to the Hutu and the Tutsi in Rwanda which began with one group reducing the other group to less than human and calling them ” rats.” Obviously we know what happened to the Jewish people in Germany when they were classified as people of no worth or consequence. The very heart of Christianity is redemption. The enemy of redemption, the one entity who would pronounce people irredeemable, is the devil himself. There is great danger that faces humanity in the days in which we now live. My hope lies in the great Redeemer of my soul who never considered me irredeemable but loved me so much that while I was yet in my sin He died for me.

4 Responses to “Irredeemable”

  1. selah said

    Curious to know who said that.. it is not up to man to say who may be saved, God knows those who are/will be his, that is why Christians are to share the gospel.

  2. jlue said

    I didn’t hear Hillary Clinton say this, but I have heard her say that she supports abortion, even the horrid and gruesome practice called ‘partial birth abortion.’ For this reason, and the fact that she is very sick with pneumonia and other ailments, we need to earnestly pray for Ms Hillary Clinton. She needs to get right with the LORD God and be washed in His precious blood. Please help me pray for her.

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