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Just to be found in you

Posted by appolus on March 12, 2016

Just to be Found in You

Can you hear the beat of my heart
And my tears as they fall to the floor
And the cry that comes from the depths of my heart
Oh Lord wont you open up the door?

How I long for the tabernacle of your presence
Your glorious majesty that’s there to be found
How my heart longs to be where you are
In the midst of your glory that’s all around

It can be a dry and dusty narrow path
Surrounded by desert sand
I thank you Lord for the moments in time
When I simply take hold of your hand.

These moments of glory then down comes the rain
Glory and majesty and agonizing pain
Bring on the pain and let the rain fall
As for me and mine we shall follow the call

Lord you know the beginning from the end
And in spite of myself you call me your friend
So the thunders shall roar and the mountains shall fall
No matter the cost I am gonna stand tall

For you took what was dead and wasting away
You raised me to heaven and taught me to pray
So as long as I live and the sky above is blue
I’ll walk through the fires just to be found in you.

4 Responses to “Just to be found in you”

  1. Amen! Love this… “in spite of myself you call me your friend”. So true!

  2. KMH said

    Beautiful Brother!
    Thank you!

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