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What does Victory look like

Posted by appolus on March 14, 2016

I was walking this morning and praying and this thought came to my spirit. ” What does victory look like,” and the Lord spoke into my heart. Victory for the Christian almost always comes against a backdrop of darkness. Some battle against the flesh, some taking up our cross, some trial or tribulation. These circumstances, these events bring to the fore a confrontation. If we look at the biggest picture of all it is darkness against light. By the very nature of who you are in Christ you are walking in confrontation. We know that the Scriptures tell us that “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”(2 Tim:3:12)

Interesting is it not that even the desire to live a Godly life will bring about immediate confrontation. Maybe you have noticed this in your own life? And why is this? Because it is fundamentally at its root a spiritual battle that we face.Living Godly lives is a disaster for Satan because of the witness that Godly lives are to the world. I want you to know that when I use the phrase Godly I mean victorious overcoming lives. In the verses that precede verse 12 we see that victorious living is in juxtaposition to people who have a form of godliness but who walk without victorious power. They are ever learning but they never come to the knowledge of the truth. The Godly man is the victorious man. He walks in the power of the Spirit and He has knowledge of the truth. Knowledge in the true sense of that word. Not head knowledge but an intimate knowledge of the Truth.

And so what does victory look like? Well it looks like Gethsemane. It looks like Calvary. It looks like an empty tomb and it looks like an ascension up into heaven where the Lord finds His place at the right hand of the Father. This is what victory looks like and this is the process that all of us who would desire to live a Godly victorious life find ourselves in. There is no other way. You will be confronted if you desire to live a victorious life. And it is how you react to that confrontation that will determine the kind of life that you will ultimately live for there is no other kind of life in the Kingdom that is a witness for Christ than the victorious overcoming life.

And so the first part of victory, for it is made up of parts, is surrender to the will of God no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. You must remember that the circumstances you find yourself is not the problem, nor are the people who play their roles in your circumstances. People will always act according to their nature. A key point to remember as you face the trial or the persecution or the circumstance is that this is for the glory of God. And please, do not get me wrong brothers and sisters, I am not underestimating the pain of your trial. Yet the darkness of your situation will become the black velvet backdrop for the glories of Christ in your trial. We know that jewelers set their diamonds and gold on black velvet because it highlights the shining beauty of the gold and the gems. Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweating great drops of blood and agonizing about the cup that He faced is our perfect example of this.

He of course desires to do the will of God yet when the time comes, when the trial arrives, He cries out to God to let this cup pass from Him. I thank the Lord that He struggled because I too have struggled as I am sure you have when faced with a dire set of circumstances. We may not have sweated great drops of blood but we perhaps have cried a river of tears? Walked the floor in the middle of sleepless nights. Knocked on the doors of despair as the weight of our circumstances threatened to crush us. Yet Jesus bows the knee and surrenders and cries out ” Not my will but thine be done.” This is our Gethsemane and part one of our victory, surrender.

Next comes the road to Calvary and we see Jesus taken and unjustly tried. Lied against and beaten and the hairs pulled out of His beard. He is deserted by all of His friends and not only deserted but denied. All of this is incredibly painful and agonizing but is part of the process of victory and has to be overcome. Perhaps you have been lied about, falsely accused, found and pronounced guilty for things and crimes you did not commit. Should you defend yourself? Should you fight back and pay back in kind? Does not the flesh cry out for this? What did Jesus do? He was dumb before His accusers. He allowed them to abuse Him and gave no defense. He did not deny who He was but He gave no defense. Next He was given over to the world, His own had condemned and rejected Him.

The world would treat Him even worse. He was tortured and scourged to within an inch of His life and thorns were rammed into His head, all the while as He was mocked and jeered. He was then dragged through the streets naked and hung on a cross for all to see. Now what did Jesus think of the people who had treated Him so vilely? He cries out ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” This is the victory of Calvary. This is the breaking of the power of evil. For He rendered not evil for evil but He broke the chains that had forever bound all mankind. He tore down the gates of brass and broke in two the bars of iron that had held humanity captive. He dealt with sin by forgiving sin. This is the major part of victory in our own lives.

Next came the empty tomb. What does the empty tomb mean? It is testimony of the resurrected Christ. That which was designed to kill Him had failed. You see there must be life after death otherwise there would have been no victory. What does life after death look like to you brothers and sisters? We know that you were dead but you were brought to life again. Does the world see you alive? Is their life in you that proves your victory? Is your tomb indeed empty? Does your life testify to overcoming power? Have you walked through your Gethsemane? Have you taken up your cross? These are no mere words. This is the vital reality of a victorious life. Have you forgiven those who have tormented you?

This is life and the empty tomb proves that no grave could hold you down. Yes you died, but you rose again in Christ. Yes you die daily but the life of Christ in you, that super abundant life that outshines the old man, is the very proof of your victory in Jesus. And as we are victorious in Christ Jesus then we rule and reign with Him. Temptations lose their power as we draw near to to Him. In His presence, where He is, there is fullness of joy. Where there is fullness of joy there is supernatural strength to go on in Him for the joy of the Lord is out strength.

Now, if the greatest spiritual victory has Calvary as its backdrop, then what kind of backdrop will there be to the greatest victory the Church will ever know? If when Christ came it ended with Calvary, what will be the Churches end prior to His return? If Calvary broke the power of hell and death and sin and the grave what will finish it of? That same hell that believed that it could overcome the Christ by means of killing the Son of God, still believes that it can over come His children by wiping them out. This will be the end time strategy of the enemy. But can I tell you something Church, it’s all black velvet. It will merely serve as a backdrop to the greatest event the world will ever know, the return of Christ.

This will be the final victorious battle of the ages. This will be the victory of victories, the culmination of the plan of God. Now if we happen to be that generation that is alive just prior to Jesus returning then how can anyone believe this to be some kind of doom and gloom message? This is a message of victory. The same Spirit that filled the breast of Jesus fills ours. If after all He went through he can cry out ” Forgive them Father for they know not what they do,” then we too for that same Spirit burns in us and Christ resides in us. Hell breaking love, hell shaking love. This is victory, the victory that disarms Satan. Hate and fear fuels every single defeat for the saint. Hate and fear is the cycle of death that has bound humanity for all of its existence. Love and faith has set us free and it freed us for more than just living out our own lives. It has freed us to be part and parcel of the overcoming victory of Christ.

What motivates you brothers and sisters? Is it love and faith? If it is and it is your desire to live a victorious life, a Godly life then you will face confrontation. In your personal life for sure but also in your place of work, your place of worship, your town, your city, your nation and eventually all the nations of the earth will confront you. The world will confront you. Do not let hatred and fear rob you of your crown and lead you down a carnal path. Let love and faith have its way with you and you will walk in victory no matter what you face. Will you suffer loss? Yes indeed. Will you be rejected by men? Yes indeed. Will you be abandoned by ones that you love? Yes indeed.

Count the cost brothers and sisters for love and faith demands it all. The world will demand it all but you cannot give your all to two different entities. Ultimately it is a free will choice to walk in victory. I want to encourage you today brothers and sisters. Choose to love and choose to live in faith. Let the world hate, let the world fear, let the world run to and fro as it staggers from the shaking but you? You stand upon the solid ground of Jesus Christ and Him crucified and raised again to glory and you too will be raised again to eternal glory in that day. God bless you saints. Stand fast for our Lord is coming.

13 Responses to “What does Victory look like”

  1. Amen!! A very timely word. Thanks for sharing. God bless you, my brother!

  2. Wow, brother. Such a powerful word of exhortation and encouragement. So many speak of “victory” in a very superficial, cheap way. You have expressed it as it really is. Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and His word! All blessings!

  3. jacqui said

    Wonderful word! I’ve just come through a Gethsemane, no doubt there will be more. Thankyou! God Bless jacqui

  4. KMH said

    “Do not let hatred and fear rob you of your crown and lead you down a carnal path” This whole post is so good Brother. But I especially find this sentence true. I have been praying for a non-carnal fellowship group for at least 3 years now. God is bringing it about now slowly! Don’t give up praying for other remnant to pray and hold fast with! I just read about an orthodox wedding Tish… I wonder if this is what the rapture is!!!!

  5. I love this post! As I read it, I have thought about the very things that have brought me closer to the Lord—most, if not all, have been those trials of great pain, of greater loss. I thought too, of C.S. Lewis’ book, Screwtape Letters. I just read it to my daughter. Have you read it? Though dark, it paints a vivid picture of just how sneaky Satan is and how he works to pull us away from Christ. Rambling now. Simply, I want to thank you for a wonderful post! I just found your site and feel as if I found a gem!

    • appolus said

      Hi Karyn,

      Welcome sister to this site. I pray that it will bless you deeply. There are several years of archives on the right hand side of the page so plenty to read when it is rainy or saturated in Seattle. As to your question on C.S.Lewis, yes I have read the Screwtape Letters, I believe I have read most of his works and was enriched by them. A.W.Tozer is another of my favorites and Sparks and Chambers and Murrey. All dead men as you can see, Ii think that is a reflection on where we have to go to find rich deep devotional works by seekers of God, men who continue to seek after and plunge into the heart of God. Satan is indeed sneaky and has managed to infiltrate Christendom and water it down in ways that Screwtape would be so very proud of. Great pain and great loss will either draw us away from the Lord or draw us closer or simply close our hearts down. The condition of our hearts is so important. Anyway I am rambling now 🙂 Please feel free to comment on any post, your comments will find appreciation here…………..bro Frank

      You can find my poems here…. https://www.facebook.com/PoemsFromFrank/?ref=bookmarks

      And you can find the facebook version of this site here… https://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant/?ref=bookmarks

  6. CaSaint said

    I struggle so terribly with hatred and unforgiveness. I am saved but I truly want to experience the victory you speak of. But it is far too much for me to overcome. Please pray for me that Christ would free me from this affliction and walk in his ability to produce love and forgiveness in me.

    • appolus said

      Hi Ca, I am going to tell you of a difficult truth. Christ has already freed you from this affliction and has enabled you to love and forgive. You were saved because of the love of God freely poured over our head like a fragrant oil and you were forgiven by the grace of God found at Calvary. This is the victory that the Lord has already given to you. You are no longer bound by this un- forgiveness. You can love because you are loved. You can forgive because you were forgiven. Now the hard part, you must choose to forgive. In the garden Jesus had to choose to do the will of God. As He bowed the knee, God the Father enabled His Son to walk on to victory. I do not, for a single moment, underestimate your situation. I have been ravaged by such battles along the way. It is a literal striping of the flesh, there is real and unrelenting agony in your situation of that I have no doubt. Now sister, can you lay your burden down? Will you lay it at His feet? There is great victory in forgiveness and that forgiveness is the key that opens up the door of love. You said that it was far too much for you to overcome and that it is true. We in and of ourselves could never do it. But we worship and serve our Lord who has overcome and it is in His strength and victory that we too shall overcome. He wont do it for us, but He has enabled us to lay it at His feet. Right now you are a prisoner and I dont say that as something against you. The Lord has saved you for freedom.

      Father in heaven. I come before your throne in the mighty name of Jesus and I cry out and intercede on behalf of CA right now in the small hours of this morning. Lord would you glorify yourself in her. Would you open up the eyes of her heart and allow her to see the victory and the power that she already walks in Lord. Would you bind the power of the enemy who has taken advantage of this situation and who has brought condemnation. Lord, King David cried out from his cave that he would awaken the dawn, would CA awaken the dawn this very day and walk out of the darkness of this situation into your marvelous light. You Lord are our great deliverer and we praise you for it. Thank you that we can come to you and lay our burdens down at your feet. Allow CA to see just how much you love her despite the fact that she is locked up by this unforgiveness. Allow her to see that that you weep for her situation and that you long to see her walk out of that prison cell that you have already opened. Lord we praise your mighty name in the very midst of this dark situation, we praise the name of Jesus that name which is above every other name. We know Lord that at your name the demons flee. We know that in your very name, Jesus, there is power and the power of forgiveness. You said to us Lord to come unto you, we that are burdened and heavy laden and that we would find rest for our weary souls. Even now Lord this moment I pray rest for the weary soul of my sister. That she would fall into your loving arms and in that realize the rest that there is there. You are our high tower Lord. It is a tower for all to see, a tower of love, a tower of forgiveness, a tower of joy and of love and of power and of a sound mind, the righteous run into it and they are safe. I pray that my sister, this very day, come into the high tower of love and forgiveness and that this victory would strike a great blow to the enemies kingdom. Lord we ask all of this in the mighty name of Jesus, that name whereby every knee must bow, in heaven and on earth and hell itself and every tongue must confess that you are Lord to the glory of God the Father………………………amen.

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