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The multi-headed dragon of entertainment in the Church-Tozer

Posted by appolus on March 17, 2016

What have we come to, that the people of God are not shocked enough by Calvary, a man dying on a cross on a hill outside Jerusalem? And not just a man, but the God-man, dying for the sins of the world? Why does this leave them dull and unmoved? The recent outbursts of modern theatrics has now taken over Protestantism. What started in the beginning as a small seed has grown;the dragon’s seed has grown more dragons. The seekers of God do not like what is happening and the hungry-hearted saints of God do not want it, so they read with great eagerness the lives of holy men in the devotional books from centuries past. But where is the doing? (A.W.Tozer)

Tozer wrote this back in the early 60s. Can I suggest that the combination of theatrics and entertainment in general have swamped the churches of today. If there were dragons about in the early 60s, one might well argue that the dragons now reign supreme. If the seekers of God did not like what was happening back then, they must surely be beside themselves now at what has unfolded as the modern Church? If they were hungry back then, they must surely be on starvation diets now? Can I suggest that the whole process has been part of Gods plan for His people. God is found in the arena of hunger. He is found by those who thirst after nothing but the living waters. Now there are many waters and many kinds of foods but there is only one living water and only one food that ever satisfies the hungry heart of the God seeker. Both are found when we encounter Him. God has to separate a people so that He can strip away centuries of traditions of men who more often than nought simply follow the winds of the world. Are you a God seeker or a pew warmer?

11 Responses to “The multi-headed dragon of entertainment in the Church-Tozer”

  1. Interestingly I find myself to be a God seeker that never knew I needed to seek God before he called me to action. I feel a new life in me that I never knew was missing before I felt moved to serve. Ironically, my search for God leaves me wanting to define God outside the walls of churches and far from the expensive pews that line buildings I was never welcomed into before I knew I was a part of God’s family, not as a way of putting down what was but rather to embrace what could be in an attempt to create the stable foundation of God’s family we need to endure the coming darkness. Finally, I feel I was starved of my natural diet of devout appreciation and disciplined reverence of the God I always knew blessed me with life not to trick me into following the path of darkness but rather to welcome the miraculous change that would occur when I really needed to be a crusader for God’s cause. It is nothing short of amazing having the spirit of God come to life inside a body that already felt saved by the grace of God. Thank you for sharing so regularly, I sincerely look forward to reading your perspective on current God times.

    • appolus said

      My sister writes………..

      ” It is nothing short of amazing having the spirit of God come to life inside a body that already felt saved by the grace of God.”

      A miracle indeed! It is amazing how many Christians fail to recognize their need to seek God. Our life in Christ is a continual seeking and finding, a continual abiding. The life is in the vine, we must stay connected to the vine. We must hunger and thirst for the deep things of the Lord, we will find Him in the hunger, we shall encounter Him in the thirst as the deer panteth for the waterbrooks then so our souls longeth after He. He, the one who sustains us, our life, our breath, our joy, our strength our sanity our very reason for being alive. All of this is realized in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and then the continual baptism of His Spirit, the seeking and the longing and the finding. This is the narrow path, it gives life and it leads to life and that ore abundantly and life for all eternity………………….bro Frank

  2. I was just thinking this morning, as I was driving, how the general christian population of Australia at least, is too entrenched in the world – education, more education, careers, finding a spouse, having children, getting a mortgage, getting a nice car, nice things, travelling to see the world….when in fact, the true christian life we are called to is giving up our lives, reckoning ourselves dead for Christ’s sake, that He might live through us so that He can express HIMSELF, HIS desires and wants according to God’s will – not ours. The entertainment industry is swallowing up believers like a black hole – performing, talents, being entertained, being a passive audience, gaining recognition and reputation, …….. Great post brother, as always.

    • appolus said

      Amen Donna, the American church in large part has given itself over to entertainment. The man who cannot call upon the presence of the Lord must entertain the masses……………bro Frank

      • KMH said

        Yes. That is why the sons of this generation do not believe after they get older. They see the unbelief in “the man” in the pulpit and will not put up with the hypocrisy. However, this too is part of our Lord’s plan. Our Lord Jesus will not let this generation “perish” like their unbelieving parents. This younger generation will taste the TRUE milk and honey for themselves!!!

        • appolus said

          I believe that sister, He is not done with this younger generation. In every season, in every age, in every tribe and tongue and nation He has a witness, He has a remnant who have not bowed the knee to the gods of this world. It is His remnant, they are His witnesses on the earth and He comes to those who seek Him with their whole hearts no matter what generation they belong to, no matter if they have been on the road for fifty years, no matter if they live behind iron curtains or brass doors of bars of iron, He finds those who seek Him and I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to every generation………………bro Frank

  3. jacqui said

    For me I am a seeker and walk out of any church who entertains…. it is deeply disturbing what is happening to the church but it makes me cling all the more to Jesus and His Word for it is the only anchor, the rest is sinking sand. God Bless you for your timely word. jacqui x

    • appolus said

      Amen Jacqui, Jesus and His Word are the only anchors for our souls at any time but especially in violent stormy seas. We are in the midst of such seas and the seas are building with every day and will eventually become a storm of such magnitude that everything of this world will be swamped. Yet we, who are held by the anchor, who are lashed to the mast on the ship of salvation will not drown not be overcome by this storm………………bro Frank

  4. Thanks for sharing this Frank. I could not agree more. The Church is being massively seduced and stripped of its true nourishment, satisfaction, and strength through the soulish substitute of entertainment. It is epidemic! I shared a quote of Tozer’s on my Facebook page for my blog two days ago that is right along this line as well: “The great heresy in the church today is that we think we are in the entertainment business. Christians want to be entertained while they are edified. It is scarcely possible in most places to get a person to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God.” -Tozer. We are on the same page! May God raise up a hungering and thirsting remnant!

    • appolus said

      Hi bro David, this quote sums up exactly what the Lord laid on my heart a couple of years ago……….

      “It is scarcely possible in most places to get a person to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God.” I said to a brother at the time who wanted me to be involved with a series of meetings of a very well known Christian that I could not do it. I could not be part of any meetings where Jesus was not the main attraction. If people will only come because a certain man ( who is a very Godly man) is coming, then I would rather never attend another meeting. Jesus, its all about Jesus and the lifting up of Him. We have been consumed in Christendom by the crisis of the age, the personality cult. It is at the heart of everything, it may even give us here in the States its first President. Yet, unless and until we have gatherings solely for the purpose of welcoming and encountering Jesus and where in such meetings He is preeminent then what we call church will continue to die on the vine while all the time appearing to be healthy. It does indeed have a reputation, at least here in the States of being rich and increased with goods and having need of nothing but underlying all of that there is a terrible spiritual wretchedness, a famine and a drought of Biblical proportions, never seen before and it is only to get worse. And by worse I mean bigger and more theatrical as men who lead such churches cannot call down the Holy Spirit therefore they must entertain the masses. To think that such entertainment now passes for the presence of God, the glory of God, the majesty of God and the awe of God. It is beyond tragic and only the refiners fire, a fire of a magnitude we have never seen before, can give us the true gold, the true riches of heaven. Only the refiners fire can produce eye salve whereby our eyes will be open to the actual reality that has surrounded us. The refiners fire will clothe us with white rainment and cover the nakedness of our wanton ambitions and worldliness………………bro Frank

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