A Call To The Remnant

Scottish Warriors for Christ- http://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant

God is found

Posted by appolus on March 10, 2016

God is found by the hungry heart
Not by the inquiring mind
God is found by those who thirst
He quenches that thirst you will find

God is found in the longing and the aching
He is found by those who seek
He is found in the depths of the needy heart
By the humble, the lowly the meek

God is an anchor for the soul adrift
He is the roots of the tree in a storm
He is the light that shines in the midst of the dark
In winter His fire keeps us warm

He is a warm embrace to the longing heart
He is our peace when all breaks down
He is our sanity in the midst of a mad mad world
He is the head that wears the crown

Come unto me ye broken and contrite
All you who dwell in an endless night
Find in Me an open door to heaven
In me you’ll be fed and truly forgiven

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