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Keep on walking!-A word from the Lord

Posted by appolus on December 10, 2015

I wrote this word this morning after being in prayer and hearing the Spirit say ” Keep on walking.” Although I sensed it was to the Body of Christ, I also believe it is for someone specific. Be blessed …..bro Frank

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking
Through the rain and through the snow
Keep on walking
Allow the Lord to show you where to go

Keep on walking
Through the fire and through the flood
Keep on walking
Knowing that you’re covered by His Blood

Keep on walking
When there seems no way ahead
Keep on walking
Though you be lost, know that you are Spirit led

Keep on walking
Though there’s no strength to go on
Keep on walking
Through the darkness till you reach the dawn

Keep on walking
Though every instinct says give up
Keep on walking
Till the darkness ends and you see the sun come up

Keep on walking
Never stop until the very end
Keep on walking
He walks with you, He is your Lord and He’s your friend

Though today you may feel you are alone
Can I tell you from the one upon the throne
Keep on walking for I am right there by your side
I am at the door and I am coming for my Bride

I love you and I know just where you are
I am near though it seems that I am far
You are not alone I am with you all the way
I see you tears and hear your prayers each day

Walk my child come walk with me each day
Open up your heart and I will show the way
Though trials now seem so very hard to bear
Know that I am with you and that I truly care

One day soon you’ll know just as you’re known
And dwell with me eternally before my Holy throne
Do not hide from me, come and keep on talking
Get up once more, set your face, it’s time to keep on walking.

4 Responses to “Keep on walking!-A word from the Lord”

  1. God never ceases to amaze me. I had this similar thought on my mind all morning from a preaching I heard recently. “Keep on keeping on!” All the glory be to God.

  2. Coffee House Publishing said

    Wow! I love this…I believe it is a word from God to all

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