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Do you move in the power of the Spirit ?

Posted by appolus on December 14, 2015

A.W.Tozer writes “ Seven things that come to the believers in the fullness of the Spirit.”

1. Knowledge of the actual presence of God.
2. Possession of the true joy of the Holy Spirit.
3. Their words now penetrated and arrested.
4. A clear sense of the reality of all things.
5. Sharp separation between the believer and the world.
6. Their new great delight in prayer.
7. Their new love for the Scriptures of God.

I would like to add a few more of my own. A love of other saints. A love of praise and worship. And so, if we run through this list, what do we find? I would argue that we would find your very average believer in the early church and as it progressed through the centuries less and less so, apart from moments and times of “revival.” I wonder what these old writers that held a high view of the church make of the times in which we now love? Don’t you think they would be beside themselves? Men like Sparks and Ravenhill and A.B.Simpson from the turn of the last century. Lets go through the list and as we do I want you to think how this applies to you personally and to the church where you fellowship. These are my own thoughts on the seven points Tozer raises.

1. A knowledge of the actual presence of God. In other places it is described as the manifest presence of God. It used to be written about a lot but I dont find that anymore. Christendom has been so inundated by soulish activities and music that at least a couple of generations have grown up in Christendom knowing nothing of the manifest presence of God either personally or corporately. They have never felt that holy heaviness come down from heaven and rest like dew upon their heads, quieting them, lowering their heads, raising their hands in surrender and worship, not in response to the words of a ” worship leader,” but in response to the very presence of God that stills their very souls and elevates them to the throne of grace where they can only whisper ” Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty,” lest they take any attention away from a Holy God who has come down to visit. Awe and majesty and reverence accompanied by rivers of tears and a deep, deep inner sense of wholeness and all things being possible.

2. Possession of the true joy of the Holy Spirit. Now this joy is not the joy of the world or as the world knows it. It is very much related to that part of the spirit that is ever connected to the presence of God. The world’s definition of joy is ” a feeling of great pleasure or happiness.” Yet this is not the joy of the saint. The saint’s joy is not rooted in the soulish realm of feelings at all, it is an activity of the spirit which produces joy from our very relationship to the Lord. It is sensed in its greatest depths when, at least as far as the world can see, there is absolutely no reason for pleasure or happiness at all. The essence of the joy of the saint is to know that he is loved and that the Lord is with him in whatever his circumstances are, this produces an inner happiness and contentment when there should be none and it is one of the great strengths of the saints.

3. Their words now penetrated and arrested. In Acts 2 when Peter spoke to the crowd, scripture tells us that the crowd were ” stabbed in their hearts.” The Greek word for this phrase is Katanusso. A similar word is used when Jesus is stabbed with the spear, that word is nusso. Now Katanusso is a much more violent word than nusso. It means agitate, to thoroughly penetrate, to violently pierce. And so the Holy Spirit is showing us that there is greater violence taking place in Acts chapter two than even when the Lord was run through with a spear. The violence was to men’s souls. Their hard hearts were being violently penetrated by the very words spoken under the influence of the Holy Spirit. In Acts chapter two those affected cried out ” what must we do,” yet just a few chapters later when Stephen is speaking with the same power, men were stabbed in the heart but gnashed their teeth and fell upon Stephen and stoned him. In either case, men were not left unmoved by the power of the Spirit speaking though the saints.

4. A clear sense of the reality of all things. To have vision, to have an eternal vision is to have a clear sense of the reality of all things. There is a reality of this world and it is powerful, it presses in on the senses and for those outside of the Spirit of God it is all-consuming. Yet there is a greater reality that lies within the saints. It is the reality of the Kingdom of God and they walk in it. Now these two realities undoubtedly compete and we as saints must be on our guard that we do not let the realities of this world overwhelm us and rob us of the realities of the Kingdom in which we truly walk. This is the battle between spirit and flesh. The clear sense of reality therefore is truly knowing that our time here is short, and knowing that we are on a narrow path that leads us to eternity and actually knowing that this eternity has already begun and we are simply in the corruptible stage and there comes the tie soon where these bodies will be raised in incorruption. When we walk in this reality, the reality of the world loses its power and we begin to see more clearly in the spiritual than we can see in the natural and the spiritual begins to dominate everything that we do.

5. A sharp separation between the believer and the world. This leads on from point number four. When we see and know and walk in the Kingdom reality, it necessarily separates us from the world for we will be Kingdom minded, our hearts and thoughts will be eternally focussed. And as the old hymn goes ” Cast your eyes upon Jesus, look full into His wonderful face, and the thing of earth shall grow strangely dim, in the light of His mercy and grace.” Yet, lets not confuse separation from the world with separating ourselves from the world. We go into the world every day and this is rightfully so. We do not run from the world and hide behind walls seeking some kind of holiness outside of the world’s influence. It’s in the very midst of the world and all of its systems that we have the most impact as Kingdom minded saints who walk in a very different reality. We bring that reality everywhere we go, we bring our light into the world’s darkness, we are a city set on a hill, a light for the gentiles and so we have been called for we know how much our heavenly Father loves the world, we know this because of Calvary and our hearts beat within His.

6. Their new great delight in prayer. This point is so important. To put it very simply, we love to talk to those we love is that not right? When the above points are in operation then talking to God is as natural as breathing. It becomes your constant source of strength and sanity. Yet you must believe that you are actually talking to God, and this is where point one plays such an important point in the saints relationship with God. If you have never experienced the manifest actual presence of God then quite possibly your prayer life is at best a discipline, like exercise, something that has resistance and must be pushed through. This is quite a bit different from the breathing analogy. Now in everything in the spirit there are seasons, this is not what I am talking about here. There can also be spiritual warfare in the realm of prayer, and there will be, I am not talking about either, I am simply saying that for the most part, there will be delight in prayer.

7. Their new love for the Scriptures of God. Can I just say that I have been a believer for a long time now and I have yet to meet a genuine saint who does not love God’s word. It is a lamp unto their feet and a light in the darkness and especially in times of trouble it is their very strength. How often a single verse can hold you through the darkest periods of your life and of course its not the verse itself its the author of the verse. The author of the word has given us a love for the truth. (2 Thess 2:10) This is something we receive from God Himself. It keeps us with its reminder of God’s promises and faithfulness and it assures us of what it to come.

The last couple of points are praising and worshiping God and a love for other saints. Brothers and sisters I have never met a genuine saint who does not love other saints, it’s in our DNA it simply is. And to praise God with our hearts lips in song, especially corporately is something common to very saint. We know that the Word tells us that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people and whatever brings us closer to the Lord then we delight in do we not? Now all of the above points are vital to every saint and it is vital that we do not neglect these things especially as the days are growing darker. The power of God is a vital aspect of who we are and if we are to have any affect on this dying world and if we are to stand in these coming evil days we must be endued with power from on high. It was vital for the early saints and it has been vital for every saint that followed. A modern preacher said this, and I very rarely quote people who are still alive ” Your faith is either supernatural or it is superficial.” All of the above points are supernatural. Let us walk in the fullness of God and stand fast brothers and sisters.

5 Responses to “Do you move in the power of the Spirit ?”

  1. exposeevil said

    Reblogged this on Light In The Darkness.

  2. Dick Olson said

    Bro Frank- Once again I cannot tell you how much your ministry through this site has blessed me and it is clear it is a blessing to so many others. Thank you–
    From reading the posts of your visitors to the site I sense that many know this fullness of the Spirit and the fruits that flow from that source. I’m sure that the first- hand encounters you and many others know of the Lord’s manifest Presence is a profound motivating factor in my visiting this site. I’m grateful for each testimony. It is obvious to me though, that many like me, are in a condition very much like the Disciples prior to Pentecost or maybe like the men on the road to Emmaus. There is this parenthesis as Sparks calls it where one is “Out of” but not “in to.” The world and its’ systems, the institutionalize church and all the things associated with religion have no appeal. One sees the Treasure in the field, is hungry for that but does not know that living water as an Indwelling fountain. To far gone from the world to be any use to it,( and that’s ok,) but unequiped with the fullness of the Spirit and thus having no answer to the growing darkness and evil in the world. For I am convinced Doctrinal Truth without the demonstration of power is just a form of godliness that Is no threat to Satan and his kingdom whatsoever. I may be wrong but I suspect many others are in a similar place— can’t get off the Emmaus Road– and likely were convicted by this latest post that something is missing in their walk. I pray I will taste of that glory as well as your other readers and that I may soon be equipped with Him as a Reality that His testimony would be revealed through me.

    • appolus said

      Hi bro Dick, thank you so much for your reply, a honest and transparent reply. Let me first say that I wholeheartedly agree that doctrinal truth without the demonstration of power is indeed just a form of Godliness, more often than not a mental assent to an abstract truth. Can I say something about the indwelling fountain, this living water. It manifests itself time and time again in the saint who keeps on walking, the saint who endures, who overcomes. The answer to the growing darkness and evil in the world is the indwelling light of Christ in us that shines out through our own brokenness. And the answer in this case is not a solution in the way that we commonly think of solutions. Typically if we have a problem we look for a solution, apply it and see the problem resolved. This is the way of the world and can certainly overlap into our Kingdom walks. Yet in the days that we live there is no solution to the growing darkness, it will continue to grow until we live in days like Noah. What will happen is, as the darkness grows, as the storm envelops us, then our light intensifies. It is said that on a moonless night a candle can be seen for several miles.

      Dick, can I ask you, can you say that you live a certain way because of and for no other reason than Jesus? What were you like or what would you be like without Jesus? Who we are in Him is a witness in and of itself and it is the most important witness. It is becoming more and more of a witness as the days indeed grow darker. I am convinced that the great exploits the Body of Christ will do for Jesus in the last days will to simply stand fast and be counted for Jesus.

      I will say that experiencing the manifest presence of God is something that primarily takes place where two or three are gathered. When Jesus is being praised and lifted up, where He has the preeminence, there is often, corporately the manifest presence of God. In the days in which we live, it is very difficult if not impossible to find a congregation where the Lord is preeminent and is allowed to have His place. Everything is so structured and organized that God has no place in the program. We can talk about Him of course, but not allow Him to actually talk through His Spirit through His people. He will not be relegated to a 10 min spot.

      I believe with all of my heart that every believer must be Baptized in the Holy Spirit, be endued with power from on High if he or she it to be truly effective in His Kingdom. This must be sought out and asked for. In our hearts I believe we must be in a place where our whole lives are given over to Him, we must believe in our hearts that we are and would be willing to suffer and die if that is what was called for. Few have had that calling but all must be willing and desiring of giving our all for Jesus. In our hearts we must know that we would give up everything for Jesus. Few have been called to that but we must be willing and desirous in our hearts. I have met many who did not believe they had been Baptized in the Holy Spirit because they for instance, did not speak in tongues, yet they had certainly been filled with His Spirit and had giftings of teaching or prophecy ( exhortation) or words of wisdom and so on.

      I know this Dick, God will be found by those who seek Him. Now He is found in various depths of experience for a multitude of reasons. I think of the lady at His feet who wept, she had, according to Jesus, been forgiven much therefore she loved much. Jesus Himself was making a correlation between the depth of her love for Him and how much she had been forgiven. So there are varying depths of love for the Lord, not all were weeping at His feet. As with love so with all the differing aspects of relationship and power. God knows and it is the The Holy Spirit that gives by measure. Some clearly hear the the Lord speaking to them, others not so clearly but He is speaking to His children. Some believers are as bold as lions, others less so but still bold. Maybe a person had a bold personality prior to coming to Jesus and they take that into their Christianity. Perhaps another was painfully shy in their own personalities and find it very difficult to talk to anyone about anything never mind about Jesus. Yet, when they step out and say something that they would consider very small and not very much, but it cost them perhaps more to say that than the man who is so bold that he stand in the public square and gives the whole gospel to an angry crowd, God knows. Now that shy one’s words have become like the widows mite and is worth great treasure to the Lord. God knows all of these things and He knows His children, personality and all and is always gently encouraging them to draw closer to Him, to draw strength from Him, to take the next single step with Him. To keep taking but a single step in His strength and to look up one day and discover just how far they have came in Him. God bless you Dick and may you and I and all of us draw closer to Jesus and all the more as we see that day approaching with gross darkness……………………bro Frank

  3. abkeyte said

    Awesome! Absolutely awesome! Thank you Brother Frank! We love you man! I so look forward to your posts!

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