A Call To The Remnant

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God is calling His Remnant out of the established church

Posted by appolus on July 28, 2015

I thought I would bring this article back to the front of the site. It has been a blessing to so many, I pray that it blesses you. This article forms two of the chapters in the book below…….bro Frank

A Call To The Remnant

Click on picture to purchase this latest book from Frank McElenyClick on picture to purchase this latest book from Frank McEleny

Today we are witnessing an interesting phenomenon where many – God knows the
numbers – are leaving the relative structure and security of organized
churches, denominations and memberships, to follow hard after their God, to
a wilderness of sorts, a strange and unfamiliar place little understood by
establishment Christianity. Perhaps the Lord is calling His remnant to
Himself in simplicity and purity at the end of this age? Perhaps the
prophetic ministry from outside the walls has begun, or at the very least is
being perpetuated at this time? Perhaps a time of final testing for the
church and Israel is poised to begin? Whatever the ultimate reason, many are
coming out, and almost immediately they will need to adapt to this new and
strange environment where the Lord alone is all that they have.

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3 Responses to “God is calling His Remnant out of the established church”

  1. Larry said

    Frank, I read your book. Very nicely put. Because it needs a bit of proofreading, my eyes stumbled some as I read it. And what Bible translation were you using? My stumbling only reveals my own problems, showing my own shortcomings. I have been in my wilderness for a long time, with precious little fellowship. Mine has been disability with constant severe pain, meaning generally I can not go to a “church” anyway. And I have a physical sensitivity to loud “drummy” music, and so cannot be in meetings where drums are used. Are there any groups of people anywhere with similar extreme longing for Him. I am in Redding, Cal., and do not know of other Remnant here, with whom to fellowship. Malachi 3:16- 4:3 have some additions to Scriptures specifically meant for the Remnant (The word translated “discern” there is the simple Hebrew verb “see”). Thank you for your encouragement to those of us who have already been through much, and yet yearn for Him above everything/anything else. This earth is a perpetual moral smog, and therefore unpleasant to live in. Heaven is so bright and clear, and He is there! May YHWH uphold you and continue to sanctify you so as to further prepare you for His Holy presence.

  2. appolus said

    Hi Larry, thanks for the reply. I agree that the book needed more proof reading. That is as good as it gets from a guy who left school at 15 🙂 I am not aware of anyone in Northern California but if anyone reads this and would like to get in touch with Larry, please e-mail me at appolus@aol.com. I do know folks in southern California. I am not a big fan of modern worship wither Larry 🙂 I love the old hymns and simple gospel music where the focus is simply on Jesus. Thanks for your reply Larry and may the Lord bless you . For more comments on this article, if you click on the link for the original, there are over 100 comments from saints from all over………………bro Frank

  3. Have not yet ordered but intend too: I am encouraged to know I am not the only odd ball: who seeks God not a church club, I do find a lot off good preaching on line and Christian programs yes some very bad ones too, but one has to sift through it all, and its a great comfort to have it to turn on day and night. I like SbN some good preachers on their, it can get lonely but attending church I found can be just as lonely

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