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Entering into His glory through suffering!

Posted by appolus on April 3, 2015

crossAt this time, when we remember the Lord’s death and resurrection it is a good time to remember that we are called to love those who hate us, and love those who are lost in such a stormy sea of sin and blindness. While they are yet in their sin Christ loves them and has died for them. Even as our Lord was mocked and ridiculed as he walked the Via Dolorosa by those He had ministered to, those He had healed and fed and taught, He loved them. He could find no sympathy even on the cross for still they mocked Him. They tempted Him to save Himself but still He hung there until the very end, giving up His Spirit to the Father with love for those who mocked and killed Him. He broke the chains of hell and death and sin and robbed the grave of any victory.

As goes the Lord then so to we as we walk that same tortured walk, hated and despised and rejected by those who once called us friends. They even tried to crown Him King but He knew their hearts, they had crowned a Saul before, they knew what they wanted and it was not a suffering servant. As we follow this very same path then we enter into His sufferings. His cross was His victory. His death was His conquest. His resurrection was his crowning glory. Who will follow Christ our Lord? Christendom may be in flames of destruction but there is a fire of glory that is burning in the hearts of the saints of God. A fire that courses through their veins. What the enemy will imagine is his greatest victory as the glorious Church is handed over to him, is actually his ultimate downfall. It is the culmination of the Body of Christ, to have followed their Lord and Savior to a willing sacrifice in order to be a witness to His Word.

And God says to Satan “have you considered by Church, my own precious Body in the flesh in which I dwell? This is my own workmanship and I have reconciled them to myself and they love me with a love that gladly and willingly counts all things as loss that they may be found in me as I am in them. This is my glorious Church in whom I am well pleased.” And the mouth of Satan was closed for all eternity, that old accuser of the brethren, openly shamed by their willingness to be forsake all for the burning passion of their lives. Job may have sat and bemoaned the day that he was born. Yet Paul, representing the new man, having God Himself residing within His heart, now in the depths of the dungeon, whipped to within an inch of his life and one who should have been in the depths of despair, glorifies God and begins to sing His praises in the midnight watch. Oh glorious victory over the flesh, see what power falls from heaven and shakes the very foundation and sets the captives free. We too brothers and sisters will soon shake the whole world as the power of God falls upon His glorious Church in the very depths of persecution.

2 Responses to “Entering into His glory through suffering!”

  1. Allan Halton said

    “What the enemy will imagine is his greatest victory as the glorious Church is handed over to him, is actually his ultimate downfall.”

    Amen, Frank. This is something the Adversary has never been able to grasp. We ourselves are slow to grasp it– this hidden wisdom of God. But if the princes of this world had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

  2. maureen said


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