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I know that my Redeemer lives!

Posted by appolus on April 30, 2015

eagleJob 19:25 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

Here is a wonderful declaration by Job in the very heart of his troubles. Now Job was looking ahead to Christ, the mediator, coming to earth. We look back and rejoice and can shout aloud with even greater conviction than Job; I know that my Redeemer lives for He lives inside of me!
He came and He conquered and He died and He rose again. He sits at the right hand of the Father and both the Father and the Son have taken up residence in out hearts. We know that He lives, we know Him and we love Him and we rejoice in Him even in the darkest moments of our lives. For in these dark moments there is a fire that burns in us and that fire gives off light and heat. No matter the circumstances that you endure at this very moment, your Redeemer is interceding for you. You know that word Redeemer has a connotation of family. A next of Kin who will redeem you in time of trouble, someone who would pay a ransom for you, some one who would avenge you, the word redeemer has all of these meanings and more. We know that Jesus paid it all, we know that justice was brought to earth and the enemy of our souls who had taken us hostage by sin was defeated.

So we can praise our God today. Even when Paul was imprisoned and wrote to the Philippians he encouraged them time and time again to rejoice in their salvation. Maybe you are in the midst of troubles today? Maybe you have people who would constantly put you down for what you believe or for what you stand for? Maybe you have dogs constantly barking at your heels no matter where you go? Maybe you are in the midst of sickness and disease? Perhaps a crisis of faith because you cannot see the road ahead, you cannot see around the bend but what you can see does not look good? Can you say with Job today “I know that my Redeemer lives” By faith Job was able to look ahead, despite everything he knew, that there was coming one who would plead his case. God sees your situation saint, God knows. He has not forgotten you. Your Redeemer lives. Lift up the arms that hang down today and praise Him today. Lift up your head to the sky today and begin to make declarations. There is a cloud of witnesses, there are principalities and powers, there is a strength to be found in declaring the truth to the enemy of your soul. Times are getting darker for all saints. He who restrains will not restrain for much longer. We must learn now while there is yet some light to encourage ourselves in the Lord for there are dark days ahead.

Even in chains Paul could rejoice. Even in the darkest dungeon Paul could praise God. Even as Stephen is being stoned he was filled with the Holy Spirit and could see heavenly visions. This is the power of the overcoming saint, the saints that endure to the end receive the promises of Christ. Faith is the power in which we live. The ability to see what cannot be seen, to trust when all around us is burning embers, when our life in the natural is falling apart, there in the midst of it all, stands our Redeemer. He stands brothers and sisters, He sees, He knows, He has every tear drop shed held in a bottle. He sees you wronged, He sees your pain and He wants you to know that it will not always be as it is now. The Spirit gives us eyes to see what cannot be seen and ears to hear what no ear can hear. We see His glory and we see eternity stretching out ahead of our circumstances. There is a weight of glory that awaits us saints. You may think in your heart ” this will never end,” but it will end. The hope we have is not the hope of the world where it simply wishes things will get better. Our hope is a blessed one founded on the word and the promises of God. He has gone to prepare a place for us, if it were not so He would have told us. So lift up your eyes and gaze upon the glorious eternity that lies ahead of your circumstances, and when you do, the Spirit of God will begin to fill you heart and mind and body with the ambient glory of what you can see. Can you see His glory? Look saint, with Spirit eye, look!

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