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God’s new thing-Part three

Posted by appolus on April 10, 2015

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I would have fainted!!!

Posted by appolus on April 10, 2015

dawnPsa 27:13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

In another translation is says ” I would have despaired…….” Can you say that this is your strength? As the deer panteth for the waterbrooks does your soul longeth for and rely upon the very presence of God in the here and the now and in the midst of your current situation? This is the strength of the saint who dwells in the wilderness. Gods remnant child in these last days draws his or her strength from the glory and the goodness and the presence of God. He is our strength in times of testing. David declares that the Lord is his light and salvation, and therefore whom shall he fear?

In these last days brothers and sisters, when the darkness presses in, when on every side we are surrounded by wickedness and sin, when church after church slides away into apostacy or into the deadness of their vain traditions, our hearts shall not fear! No, for we who seek to dwell in the presence of the Lord, we who can enquire of Him before His throne night and day and gaze upon the beauty of His holiness, we shall not be afraid. For in the latter days of our troubles His very presence shall be our hiding place. This place shall be our high tower, we shall run into it and be safe. Joy and gladness and praises shall be as a never-ending fountain in our heart, a wellspring of peace and contentment found before His throne yes, but also in the presence of our enemies. Goodness and mercy shall follow us as the day follows the night. The sun rises on every day and mercy and grace are born anew at the breaking of every dawn in the hearts of those who diligently seek His face.

Behold He comes brothers and sisters, He seeks, He knocks upon the door. He stands behind our wall, He is looking through our window and gazes through the lattice of our souls. He calls gently to us in a still small voice. Shall we be away with Him? Shall we find some reason to ignore this calling unto Himself? The Bridegroom comes and He is calling His own. Will you rise now and cry aloud in the city streets ” I seek the one that I love?” Can you with all boldness and complete disregard for your own humility seek Him where He can be found? Will you leave the safety of what you have always known to seek Him in a place where you have never been? The old song says ” Though none go with me, still I will follow.” Beautiful words and sentiment, but will you? Will you still follow? Will you flee into the darkness of the night that is haunted with the shadows of ancient traditions? Will you unashamedly say to those whom you meet in these places ” I seek the one that I love?” If He cannot be found where you are brothers and sisters, then flee into His presence. ” When I found the one that I love I held Him and would not let Him go.” (Song of Solomon 3:4)

Yes brothers and sisters, the saints that have found the one that they love will not let Him go. No created force will ever compel them too. Not the fires of hell nor the condemnations of men. They will cling to that old rugged cross, they will revel in the beauty of His Holiness, they will sing His praises in the deepest dungeon in the midnight hour because of the glorious love that they have encountered in the arms of their Savior. A love so deep and so enduring is a hell shaking love. In the fires of this love we are more than conquerors. We have been consumed by a passion so fierce that it will defy even the powers of hell as we stand before the throne of grace. Come Lord Jesus come. Your Bride awaits and has forsaken everything for your namesake and for the burning love of our hearts that has taken us so completely. We shall be stripped bare and humiliated before men in an effort by hell to rob us of our witness but there is no force in all the Kingdom of darkness that can take us from your hand. You were stripped and humiliated for us and you endured it all for the joy and the glory set before you. We shall find our strength in your arms in that moment we shall overcome just as you overcame. All glory to God in the highest and peace to His saints, my brothers and sisters on earth.

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