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Seeking advice from the dead!

Posted by appolus on April 2, 2015

saulSince the time of Jesus and the Apostles men have come and built their kingdoms amongst the saints. For years Paul warned night and day of the wolves to come. It is the obligation of the saints to be, first and foremost, established and grounded in Christ and in Christ alone. All of us, for the most part, tend to take the path of least resistance. It is much easier to serve a man than to serve God. It is much easier to dwell in a man-made kingdom than it is to serve and walk in the Kingdom of God. Those who truly walk in His Kingdom are first and foremost lovers of the truth, they have received this love as a gift from God in response to a heart that genuinely seeks first His Kingdom and His righteousness. And so those who have received this gift become the greatest thorn in the flesh of those who would build their own kingdoms and have their own power structures. In the last 2000 years we have seen this in every generation. Whether it was saints in the dark ages who absolutely rejected what was known as the Eucharist as being the actual body of Christ or in another generation infant baptism or Popes, or purgatory and on and on.

In every age there have been saints who are a witness to the truth that burns like a raging fire in their bones to the exclusion of everything else including their families, their communities, their worldly possessions and even their very lives. Praise God that He has always raised up witnesses for the truth. In the coming days we shall see a glorious generation raised up in the very heart of the most intense persecuting refining fire. The one silver thread that connects these saints down through the ages is that they would not, under any circumstances, bow down to the gods of this world, large or small. Being fearful of God rather than of men is the most liberating aspect of the genuine saints walk in the Lord.

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