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Seeking advice from the dead!

Posted by appolus on April 2, 2015

saulSince the time of Jesus and the Apostles men have come and built their kingdoms amongst the saints. For years Paul warned night and day of the wolves to come. It is the obligation of the saints to be, first and foremost, established and grounded in Christ and in Christ alone. All of us, for the most part, tend to take the path of least resistance. It is much easier to serve a man than to serve God. It is much easier to dwell in a man-made kingdom than it is to serve and walk in the Kingdom of God. Those who truly walk in His Kingdom are first and foremost lovers of the truth, they have received this love as a gift from God in response to a heart that genuinely seeks first His Kingdom and His righteousness. And so those who have received this gift become the greatest thorn in the flesh of those who would build their own kingdoms and have their own power structures. In the last 2000 years we have seen this in every generation. Whether it was saints in the dark ages who absolutely rejected what was known as the Eucharist as being the actual body of Christ or in another generation infant baptism or Popes, or purgatory and on and on.

In every age there have been saints who are a witness to the truth that burns like a raging fire in their bones to the exclusion of everything else including their families, their communities, their worldly possessions and even their very lives. Praise God that He has always raised up witnesses for the truth. In the coming days we shall see a glorious generation raised up in the very heart of the most intense persecuting refining fire. The one silver thread that connects these saints down through the ages is that they would not, under any circumstances, bow down to the gods of this world, large or small. Being fearful of God rather than of men is the most liberating aspect of the genuine saints walk in the Lord.

Saul was a King that the people demanded against the advice of God Himself through the Prophet. He looked good to men. He was tall and handsome and undoubtedly charming and God gave the people what they wanted, He gave them the desires of their heart. Yet when Saul’s back was to the wall he did not turn to God he turned to his own devices, he fell back upon himself and then at the end when he could no longer find God he sought advice from the dead. All the while the man who God had picked and anointed, the true and legitimate king of Israel had nowhere to lay his head, he dwelt in hideouts and caves and places of refuge. It is interesting that there was very much a heart connection between the house of Saul and the house of David. We see this is David’s relationship with Jonathon. Yet ultimately Jonathon would die as he battled for his father and would never share the joy and the glory of the ascension of David, the man picked by God.

Christendom seeks it advice from the dead. It is swayed by the world. Men who have built their own kingdoms, kingdoms of the world, fall back upon worldly principles in every aspect of their ministry. How to build a church. How to finance a church. How to grow a church. How to stop the “revolving door,” of the church. How to attract more young people to a church. How to appeal to a broader spectrum of society for their church. How to react to the changing cultural norms for their church. How to set up programs for their church. And so the qualifications to be in ” leadership,” are the same qualifications as we find in the world. How far removed from the original Church where the absolute qualification were that men were ” filled with the Holy Spirit.” It is so simple saints, it was never meant to be a business but a family. Yet so many men have turned churches into family businesses. As if a genuine gatherings of saints belonged to anyone other than the Lord. When we see rampant nepotism within the church it is a clear indicator on who is truly running that church.

Saul was one of the longest-serving Kings in Israel. And right alongside him in hiding and on the run was David. God blessed David and anointed him with His presence. He sustained him while he was on the run for so many years and fed and clothed him. He had a band of rebels and they were despised by those in authority but God knows who is His. And even although it may seem that the ungodly prosper and grow while the rejected do not, God sees the beginning from the end. The saints all down through the ages have followed the Truth and do so today even to their own harm. They can do nothing more for the truth is the force that drives them forward with a cross on their back and a cross before them. No matter the cross, no matter the cost, no matter the opinions of men, God’s children know His voice and will follow Him wherever He leads.

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  1. suez62 said

    Very good and timely word brother!!!!

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