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Christendom is in Flames!!!

Posted by appolus on April 3, 2015

Christendom is in Flames!!!!church

churchLambs to the Slaughter

Posted by appolus on August 11, 2012

Your world view, your view of your nation is going to determine your point of view. It will be the lens that you view events through and the filter through which you pray. What are the goals of your prayers for your nation? Do you seek to see it ” turned around?” What about your culture, do you want to see it saved or preserved? Your way of life, your goals and aspirations for yourself, your children and your grandchildren, are they dependent upon the state of the economy or the state of the culture or the state of the nation?

What if the message is , that your way of life, your culture, your country, everything that you hold dear is going to be dismantled and destroyed and become unrecognizable? How will you, how do you react to hearing such a thing? If the message or the word does not have a ” good,” ending could you still embrace it or would you reject it. Can you embrace a God that is judging and will continue to judge your culture and your nation? Can you embrace a God, that because of His judgments, you will be called to suffer greatly, suffer the loss of everything that you hold dear? And ultimately, can you embrace a God that would call you and your family to martyrdom? Obviously this could only be done in the Spirit and the flesh would rage against such thoughts.

Brothers and sisters, even now the fires burn all across Christendom. The vandals have entered the gates of the cities. These spirits have come to invade every heart and every mind and every church in the land. These are hordes that have poured forth from the bowels of hell, foul defiling hordes. Yet, they are only the pre-cursor for what is to come. Their job is to tear down everything that is called holy. Every part of society is to be torn down stone by stone. This is the spirit behind the forces who will turn wrong into right, who will turn day into night. Now brothers and sisters, we can see evidence of this all around us and we see the disintegration of society unfolding rapidly. The forces that align themselves against Christianity are gaining momentum. They are making a way for their own master to enter onto the world stage. How shall we react to such forces and events?

Many without eyes to see, struggle greatly against this incoming tide. As they see the loss of everything they know and hold dear they have a great desire to fight back. They want to fight against the immoral forces that are tearing down the culture that they love and have created. Fear rises up in them, panic even. That fear and that panic compels them into the arms of many would be leaders. Some cry out that we need a great revival, others cry out that we need Godly men in political leadership. Others even consider arming themselves for what as a coming cultural war.

Brothers and sisters, Christ is coming back and He is coming soon. This world is judged, this country is judged and Christendom is judged. And so now we must flee, flee from Babylon and into the arms of Jesus. Just like Lot we must prepare to leave the comforts of Sodom. Just like the exiles, we must prepare to leave the comforts of Babylon. Just like our early brothers and sisters, we must prepare to leave Jerusalem for there is a fierce judgement coming, the final judgement. All attachments to this world must be broken even as we continue to go into this world for needs must. These judgements that we are in the midst of, these birth pangs are just the beginning and they are from the hand of God. Shall we resist the hand of God?

Brothers and sisters we have been called as lambs to the slaughter. You must prepare for this eventuality. Prepare your hearts for slaughter. Resistance will not change the judgements to come. The arrogance of those who hate us will continue to rise. Shall we meet arrogance with arrogance? Shall we match their hatred and their violence, shall we render evil for evil? As our enemies gain ground they will become emboldened. They will have the world behind them and true and genuine Christianity will be pushed forward into the lime-light and all the world will hate us as we refuse to bow down to the gods of this world.

Yet brothers and sisters, be of good cheer for the Spirit of God will burn brighter in this generation than has ever been seen before. As the flood of darkness pours in, an incomprehensible darkness, then the light that is in us will shine brighter than ever before. The nobility of the Royal priesthood will be seen by all the world. Consider how one views diamonds in a Jewelers. The diamonds are set on black velvet so that the brilliance of the stones are illuminated against the blackness. As so it will be with the Lord’s own jewels. They will be seen against the backdrop of total darkness and they will shine and be seen like they have never shone or been seen before. The magnificent beauty of holiness will burn so brightly in the chests of every remnant child of God as they are led, all the day long, as lambs to the slaughter. And when their numbers are fulfilled, then shall come the King of Kings.

6 Responses to “Christendom is in Flames!!!”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……I just want to encourage you to keep preaching it like it truly is. Most are rejecting what you are saying, but there are a few of us that are accepting every word. It is a message for the Remnant, all the rest will reject it…..Blessings from Mexico

    • appolus said

      Amen brother Robert. Yes, most will reject that word. Yet when the Lord gives you something and it burns in your bones, then it has to said. The Lord spoke to me a long time ago and told me that the message is the important thing. He told me it was not mine so therefore I was not to worry about the reactions of men. It took me a long time to make progress from the fear of man to the fear of God 🙂 …………………bro Frank

  2. usafbeth said

    I have also been on the receiving end of rejection for daring to believe that God would come against all that someone holds dear. I won’t say that it wasn’t a struggle, because that would be a lie, but I have made peace with losing everything. I have accepted that I may have nothing left, not even my life, but I know “to live is Christ and to die is gain.” I will not arm myself with weapons as some expect me to, nor will I fight against those who come. If I am to live, I will live and if I am to die, I will die. No one can change what God has decided. I am reduced to “Lord, be glorified in all things.” I believe that’s all that’s left to any of us. God bless you.

    • appolus said

      Amen sister, a struggle indeed but the promises are given to those who overcome, those who endure to till the end. Whether we live or whether we die, may we be found to glorify Him…………………bro Frank

  3. lynn said

    THANK YOU Brother Frank, it blesses my spirit when one speaks the truths of God’s word in a heart of love and sincerity and in power. May many take heed of what has been spoken here and choose to follow Jesus no matter the cost. He is faithful he will redeem us we have a glorious eternal future. Let us rise up and Praise him.

    • appolus said

      ” Let us rise up and praise Him.” Amen sister, amen. Let us enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise…………….bro Frank

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