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Poems from 2014

Posted by appolus on January 4, 2015

Some write diaries and others keep journals, the poet records his time with a piece of his heart in each poem. These poems below are a journal of 2014. I pray that they bless you. It starts from last January and follows my year. They are written from a heart that seeks to be transparent…… Frank

January 2014


I’m just lookin for some higher ground
But life keeps tryin to drag me down
When your walking with your face into the rain
Sometimes you wonder if you’ll see the sun again

Eyes down, one step in front of the other
Until you think you can’t go any further
Then the rain gets heavier and begins to take its toll
Until your stripped down to your very naked soul

The waters rise and cover all of me
Until there’s only waves and nothing left to see
I am dying there somewhere beneath the flood
Covered by the waters and feet caught in the mud

And suddenly a hand appears from up and out the waves
And a man walks on the water, the storm He calmly braves
He takes my hand and stills the storm and suddenly there’s no sound
And all at once I find myself alone on higher ground

I hear His voice, He speaks to me, it’s time to journey on
In the darkest storms I have discovered just where faith is born
Transfigurations on the mount are such a glorious sight
They give me strength to journey on into the darkest night

We are called unto the battle of this there is no doubt
The faith that’s born from every storm enables us to shout
When the battle it is raging and the enemy’s all around
We know that we are standing with Him on higher ground.


In His presence there is joy beyond measure
To feel His touch is heavenly treasure
To rest in the arms of our glorious King
Is to lay down and listen to the angels sing

Your presence lets me walk upon water
Your presence sustains your sons and daughters
In your presence the lions mouth’s shut tight
Your presence brings hope to the darkest night

Oh for the joy of a single touch
I am overwhelmed it is almost too much
In your presence the darkness disappears
In your presence there is a river of tears

And this river it flows from Your throne
From the heart of God to the heart of His own
Time stands still it exists no more
When I am the keeper of the temple door

When I pass through the valley of weeping
I am blessed to find God’s not sleeping
Indeed my tears become pools of blessing
And comfort for those who require refreshing

One day in thy presence is all that it takes
To stand firm in my God when everything shakes
And though trials and temptations often come nightly
No good thing He withholds to those walking uprightly

One day at a time each day in your presence
Reminds me of your beauty, your very essence
Where even the sparrow has found its place
To dwell in the arms of eternal embrace

Oh blessed is the man who trusts in thee
Who has knelt before bloody Calvary
Who night and day and with all of his heart
Seeks to walk with His lord and never apart.


He took captivity captive
And He set His people free
He came to the lower reaches
Just for you and for me

He ascended above the heavens
Where He gives good gifts to men
He sits at the right hand of Glory
Returned to His Father again

In a triumphant royal procession
In fetters and chains to be found
Those things that once enslaved us
Now find themselves to be bound

Christ the conquering Redeemer
Has conquered all hell and the grave
And now I stand as a free-man
Where once I stood as a slave

To the King be all glory and honor
And the fragrance of His presence abound
May we follow wherever He leads us
By His throne may we ever be found.

February 2014


From depths unreachable
To heights unattainable
You came from heaven to earth
With love unexplainable

From time immemorial
And places unexplorable
You came to save us from death
And a hell most deplorable

You brought joy without measure
And heavenly treasure
You came to show us the way
For your will and good pleasure

You brought freedom from captivity
And your presence into proximity
You came to show us life
And to reveal your divinity

You healed the broken-hearted
And the enemy departed
You came to give us a heart
And that’s where it started

Your breath makes life livable
And all things forgivable
The life you have given us
Is simply inexplicable

Now it’s on to eternity
No doubts nor uncertainty
Life forever with you
This will be our identity

This life extraordinary
Is the life lived passionately
From heights now attainable
And love unexplainable


Show me Lord the cross
Where thou did suffer loss
Walk me through the fire Lord
And burn up all the dross

I give to thee my all
I hear you when you call
Stretch forth thy hands and catch me Lord
Catch me lest I fall

I’ve come to seek thy face
And daily run the race
Come forth my Lord and show to me
Thy mercy and thy grace

I long to see thee more
Living waters through me pour
Stand forth oh Lord in front of me
So I may worship and adore

Overwhelm me with desire
Lead me through refining fire
Come now oh Lord and take my hand
And lead me ever higher

April 2014


I will never leave you
Can you hear Me?
Can you hear Me in the wind?
Can you hear me?

I will never forsake you
Can you see Me?
Can you see Me in the sunset?
Can you see Me in the heavens?
Can you see Me in the ocean waves?
Can you see that I’m the one who saves ?

I am always near you
Can you hear Me?
Can you hear me in the waterfall?
Can you hear Me when the choir sings?
Can you hear me through all the noise?
Can you hear my still small voice?

I will give you rest for your soul
Can you see Me?
Can you see me in the dawn?
Can you see me in the baby born?
Can you see me on the mountain high?
Can you see my glory fill the sky ?

I can see you Lord!
I can see your glory fill the sky
So vast, I ask myself who am I?
I wonder and fall down upon my face
So small, but yet known by you
My God, my King my everything, my faithful and true

I can hear you Lord!
I still my soul and hear you through the noise
I diligently listen and hear your still small voice
Just one word from you overflows my soul
Each syllable is manna from above
It fills me and fills me and fills me with love!

I see you and I hear you
You walk with me each day
You light my path and feed my soul
You are the one who made me whole
You are my Truth my life my way
You came to me and you came to stay.

May 2014


Sometimes it seems like I am permanently out of my depth
And situations often seem to be completely over my head
How good it is to fall back upon the Lord
Shut my eyes, take His hand and simply be led

Walking into the wind and the rain
Every step it seems is marred with pain
Swimming up the river in a perpetual spring time flow
Seems to be the way that I must go

Stand and fight or fall onto your knees
Swim with all your might or drown in stormy seas
Get up from bloody battle-fields
With your face into the rain
Swing your sword with all your might
Then swing your sword again

Time and again and wave after wave
The enemy rushes in
And all around the battle-field
You are surrounded by deadly sin

Did you think you’d walk in meadows
Ye soldiers of the cross?
You may not have reckoned for the fight
And that you would suffer loss

The suffering of these present times
Of those the Spirit’s sealed
Cannot compare to what’s ahead
And the glories there revealed

Stand up, stand up stand up my child
Stand up in Christ alone
Lift up your eyes ye Royal priest
And see God’s awesome throne

You are more than a conqueror In Christ your King
Nothing can separate you, not anything
From the glories of heaven and from the reward
For those who stand and swing the sword

July 2014


Shall time and tide ebb and flow
These are the things Lord you know
Shall the sun rise in the morning
Can you hear the Spirit, will you heed his warning?

Shall the birds continue to sing in the trees
Shall ships continue to sail the seas
The tyranny of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow
Shall only continue to bring great sorrow

Shall the moon rise and the sun set
Can we leave behind our yesterdays with all their regret
Are the chains of tomorrow just dragging you down
Have you forgotten Royal Priest that you wear a crown

Remember the lilies of the field they neither toil nor spin
Remember the Lord your God who has forgiven your sin
And every single day His mercies arise anew
Lift you hands to heaven and revel in the view

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
The closer we are to Him His glory simply increases
Great is His faithfulness and love towards you
It is this very love that will see you through

He directs the tide and makes the sun to rise and fall
He loves you with an everlasting love can you hear the master call
He is an ever present help in our times of need
With outstretched arms to heaven, your soul He’ll surely feed

Forget about your yesterdays and do not count tomorrow
Let your heart be full of joy and not be full of sorrow
Rejoice in Him and from your lips let praise release
For perfect love casts out all fear and fills you with His peace.


Born into the world children of men
Born into the kingdom sons and daughters
One in Christ and Him alone
This is what the Word has taught us

The glory revealed that we should be one
United in Christ this race we should run
Standing together and never apart
Hand in hand into the Father’s heart

United in Spirit intent on one purpose
Wrapped in His arms He will surely encompass
His Body, His children who stand as one
Who will fight the fight until the fight is done

Stand together and be of one mind
Embrace one another be loving and kind
Believing together one heart and one soul
Rising as one, the Body is whole

Behold how good and how pleasant it is
For His children to dwell together
To come as one, worship and adore
Blessings and life forevermore

Can you see I’m coming with my glory in the sky?
Put division aside and to your flesh die
For by one Spirit you were called into love
To glorify and honor your Father above


As long as I know I am loved
I can still go on living
I can rest my head tonight
Because I am forgiven

As long as I know You are there
I can walk in the dark of the night
I can lay down in the valley
For in the dark you have given me sight

As long as I know I am Yours
Then joy still dwells deep within
I can smile where others cannot
For I am delivered from the curse of sin

As long as I know You today
I can mourn with another’s loss
I can open my heart and pour out my love
Because of what you did on the cross

Now this ” knowing,” is not in my head
Nor is learned or given to me
To know Him is when two become one
And that one is surely set free

Free to plunge the depths of His love
And to scale the heights of His glory above
Free to know the comforts of His rod
Free to know the fullness of God

Free to swim in a perpetual sea
A never-ending ocean of love
Free to fly in an endless sky
For I was given the wings of a dove

An eternity to search the unsearchable
Forever to know the unknowable
What seems to the world the narrow way
Is the entrance to eternity which starts today

Yesterday today and forever
Is the Kingdom of God in my heart
It all began when two became one
Now every day is a brand new start

Will you search out the glories of Christ today?
To be known is to truly know
When you walk in the shadow of Christ your King
Wherever He goes you surely shall go.


One hundred years a thousand years
And still the rivers flow
I stand upon the bridge and look
Where does the water go?

It flows in perpetual motion
And travels swiftly under me
As it goes down to the ocean
And is swallowed by the sea

It rises there again once more
It rises to the sky
Taken up into an open door
As time begins to fly

It flies towards the mountain
And falls again as rain
And as it passes under me
It knows something of my pain

It exists for just a moment
The water that I see
And then before I know it
It is carried far from me

If I look on down the river
It quickly vanishes from sight
And yet it still is part of one
As the sun exists at night

Trauma passes out of view
And life it rushes on
Yet still a very part of you
It’s never really gone

The past goes on before us
And the future’s right behind
In the river there’s no chaos
Not to look is to be blind

Time exists for man alone
There is no time before the throne
No future, no past that I can see
A single moment is eternity

Who can stop this river
And its never ending flow?
The one who started all the rain
It’s to Him that I must go

For time and space it is but one
It carries faith and hope and sin
Yet in the world that is to come
New wine shall find a new wine-skin

For time is but the sum of the whole
Yet in heaven it ceases to be
For there, love and love alone
Exists to finally set us free.


He lived, He died, for me
He rose again to set me free
He lived He died for me
I’ll reign with Him eternally

I live but yet I die
His glory fills the earth and sky
No longer I but Him in me
To all the world it’s Him they see

A grain falls to the earth
To die to self and Him to serve
To rise to Him and Him alone
To be found before His holy throne

To wait upon the Lord
To stand upon His word
To run yet never tire
My heart continually set on fire

And with this heart ablaze
And eyes fixed fully on His face
I’ll run and run unto the end
For Christ my King, my Lord, my friend

August 2014


On the weary feet of faith
And the fragile wings of hope
He is faithful to ever save
And thoughts of Him does love evoke

I stand on Him and Him alone
Without my Lord I’m all at sea
My only place, before His throne
Tis there I long to ever be

I stand on mercy and on grace
Reaching out with faith and love
I see a smile upon His face
Receiving now the wings of a dove

Stretching out my wings I fly
Ever higher to that place
I soar above into the sky
Full of mercy, full of grace

In endless skies I dwell with thee
And in that place I’ll ever be
Ever closer to the sun
You in Him and we are one


Let the presence of the Lord
Circulate through my heart
Let neither trial nor circumstance
Come and tear us apart

There is a roaring lion
That ever seeks to devour
Let us be ever vigilant
Every day and every hour

Stand fast ye Royal Soldiers
Ye soldiers of the cross
There’s one thing certain in this life
That you will suffer loss

Our Lord He understands these things
He sees our agonies and pain
And on the cross of Calvary
Our enemy there was slain

So in the moment of the trial
In the midst of the darkest night
Stand fast ye Royal priesthood
Stand up stand up and fight

There is no trial that is pleasant
No agony easily borne
Yet there is a God in heaven
And we live by promises sworn

For in the book it is written
It is written there by Blood
That He shall raise a standard
When the enemy comes in like a flood

Stand up ye Royal priesthood
There in the midst of the fire
Stand up my brothers and sisters
Come up a little higher

For He has seen your afflictions
And every tear that falls by night
And holds you in His very hand
He has called you to this fight

There will come a day so very soon
Where all your trials will have an end
And though for now you’re tempest-tossed
You shall not break but bend

So let His presence flow through you
For in these waters you must swim
Through fire and flood and fiercest storm
To be surely found in Him.

Hold fast hold fast hold fast my child
For joy comes in the morning
There is eternal peace ahead
For those who sound Gods warning.


You cover my head in the rain
And in the heat you are my shadow
You are able to bear all my pain
And sustain me wherever I go

You’re my anchor in the height of the storm
You’re my eyes when I cannot see
In the depths of the winter you keep me warm
When I am bound you set me free

When the enemy is all around
And I am beaten and tattered and torn
In your arms I will surely be found
Tis your promise, tis what you have sworn

When I cannot see a way ahead
And I am surrounded by many fears
In the silence of the night upon my bed
You come and wipe away all my tears

You’re my hope in the dark of the night
You’re my peace in the midst of the madness
You will help me to stand up and fight
As you chase away all the sadness

Heaviness shall give way to praise
And joy shall come in the morning
I will worship you all of my days
My heart shall no longer be mourning

I see my son and he is coming
He was banished to a far away land
And to him I will surely come running
Then we shall walk home hand in hand.

September 2014


Ride and ride with all your might
Push the horse into the night
Towards the dawn that’s straight ahead
Fleeing darkness fleeing dread

I have swam in the stormy seas of chaos
I have been caught in the lightning storms of life
Pushing mighty boulders up perpetual hills
I have baked in the sun and shivered naked with the chills

I have been a starving man
With my nose pressed against the window pane
I have wrestled with this world and sanity
And known something of what it means to be insane

And now I listen to the silence
Tis a table set before me fit for a King
A glorious feast of beauty and peace
An immovable Spirit deep within

And in this silence where there is no noise
Can you hear it? Can you hear the still small voice?
A feats indeed to a starving man
To remember n your heart where it all began

In Christ alone I stand or fall
Tis a starving man who cannot hear His call
His silence His peace tis manna to my soul
For distractions and noise surely take their toll

Till there’s nothing left but a valley of bones
And tortured men with hearts full of stones
Starving and dying and withering away
They have long since forgotten how to listen and pray

God is calling He is calling today
We must learn how to listen, to listen and pray
Distractions must cease and an end to all noise
Till we hear again that small still voice

Oh Christendom how often I would gather you in
Away from the world and its noise and its din
Those who can hear me in that day they shall stand
In the beauty of silence in the palm of His hand.

October 2014


It’s not the trials that I fear
It is the thought that you’re not near
For in your presence worlds collide
Beneath your wings I’ll surely hide

Take me to yourself I pray
Walk with me along the way
I’m tired O Lord please hold my hand
And pull me out from shifting sand

For in the sands there is no ground
Nor solid place that can be found
No handkerchief to wipe the tears
Surrounded by my many fears

You pull me up you cover me
You saw me longing to be free
And now I’ve found a place in you
On solid ground I stand tis true

I fix my eyes on you alone
I lift my hands unto the throne
Of glory mercy love and grace
I gaze upon thy Holy face

And as my gaze is fixed on thee
I find that I am surely free
And in your presence I draw near
And perfect love casts out all fear

Oh my King take all of me
Take every part that you can see
Then in thy hand you’ll hold me tight
Two hearts entwined shall then take flight

Now here I am before your throne
Not forsaken not alone
Legs once weary now can run
Into the arms of God’s own Son

The joy of the Lord is my strength
And you shall go to any length
To take me deeper into thee
To heal me Lord and set me free

November 2014


Verse 1.
When I walk through the day
In the fight and the fray
I am happy and blessed
For there’s no other way

And when the night comes
And I find no rest
I fall upon you
And I’m happy and blessed


For Jesus my Saviour
He bled and He died
For you and for me
He was crucified

Verse 2.

When I climb every mountain
With the world on my back
I cry out to you
Cause I’m on the wrong track

Then suddenly the light
Shines clear in the night
I am happy and blessed
To go on in the fight

Verse 3.

So Jesus my Saviour
My Lord and my all
Come nigh unto me
When you hear my call

And we’ll walk together
Despite stormy weather
I am happy and blessed
Now and forever

December 2014


Joy and sorrow walking hand in hand
There is laughter through the rain
And fire in the land!
Look and see the wounds that pierce my heart
Causing me to stumble and tearing me apart

I can barely imagine
There’ll be any tomorrows
And then I consider
The man of sorrows

My love has failed it’s the end of emotions
I am drowning in fears and bitter oceans
The drawbridge to my heart is being raised
Unless it is lowered there’s gonna be be dark days

I cry out to God in heaven
Come and fill my heart with love
Do not leave me in this place
Come down from up above
I wait here in the darkness all alone
For wings that I may fly unto your throne

And with these wings I learn to fly
Above the tears and pain
Drawing closer unto you
I feel your strength again
I reach my hand to heaven through the night
The darkness disappears and I am wrapped in light


How many times can a heart be broken
How many tears have to fall
How many times do I have to forgive
Or perhaps not forgive at all

When my steps grow tired and weary
And my sleep has vanished in the night
How can I go on day by day
And not simply give up the fight

Where can I find the strength to go on
When it seems I have lost my way
How can I lift my head from the pillow
Even for just one more day

Then all of a sudden I know He is here
My waiting has not been in vain
He comes to me through the fire and the flood
Through the heartache and through the pain

And suddenly I have the strength to carry on
I rise on the wings of His love
Who knew I would rise o’r this valley of death
And find myself far far above.

I soar on the glorious splendor of Love
On the wings of the eagle I fly
I feast on the banquet He prepares for me
As I revel in the endless sky.


If you had eyes to see
The scars that cover me
You would have eyes to see
The Christ who set me free

If you had eyes to see
My bruised and battered heart
Then you could also see
He was with me from the start

If you could see the scars
That cover my Gods heart
Then with those very eyes
You’d see Gods shining star

Far above the heavens
And in the darkest night
He came and died for you and me
He came to give us sight

Now look upon the one
Who was battered and was bruised
He is Gods only Son
And for you He was abused

He came to set the prisoners free
He came to give us eyes that see
The glory of our God on high
Whose glory fills the earth and sky

He came to heal the crushed and broken
With acts of love and the word spoken
He died for us and on a tree
And now indeed we all can see

Will you open up your eyes and live
With an open heart that can forgive
For we, forgiven, now set free
Can open up our eyes and see!

2 Responses to “Poems from 2014”

  1. lynn said

    Thank You So Much brother Frank, they have truly blessed me and many times made me think and wonder.

    Bless you. You have such a love for Christ’ and his precious Remnant.

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