A Call To The Remnant

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The wind has been sown!!

Posted by appolus on December 31, 2014

“A generation that knows only what God said will be followed by a generation that doesn’t believe what God said.” (A.W.Tozer)

It is so vital to know God.To know Him in His Spirit, know Him in His being, know Him intimately in the depths of who we are. To be found in Him,to be vitally connected to Him and know His presence, His presence being like manna to our very soul. I believe that Tozer’s words in the above quote have came to pass. At least one or two generations have passed that knew only what God said and have produced a generation that does not believe what God said. The wind has been sown and now comes the whirlwind. The seed of mere mental assent has harvested a crop of headless stalks that are no good for consumption and can feed no one.

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